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Christmas shopping

Only 44 days to Christmas. And 15 days to Black Friday, November 26th, traditionally the busiest shopping day in the US. And by extension, here in Canada. It's on the American Thanksgiving long weekend, so a trip to the malls is a great way to bond with family - or escape relatives. It's also seen as a change for many merchants to move their balance sheet from the red to the black, to finally make a profit. Sales are huge, both for in person and online, with many places opening as early as midnight.

Last year we were all avoiding malls and COVID, this year many places have eased restrictions. Plus many people either think it's all over, or that since they have their shots they are now invincible. I predict more crowds, more infections, and more disappointments. We've seen supply chain woes all over the news, with the pictures of stacks of shipping cans, rows of waiting ships, and empty shelves.

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Empathy vs selfishness

PXL_20211029_171126587 I did my laundry a few days ago, a mundane job in itself, but the timing matters. I do it during the day, during the week, not on evenings and weekends - not to ensure getting a machine, just to leave those times for worker bees. Because I'm generally a kind and empathetic person. (Note - I showed up with one minute left on my dryer). 

My primary role model, my grandfather, was that kind of person. Plus, I tend to avoid conflict with people. Whatever the reasons, I am who I am. Many people have similar traits, but - as COVID has shown - many don't. We've seen politicians, business people, friends and neighbours and relatives, all making selfish choices. Choices that are easily justified with the wealth of 'alternate facts' out prowling the Inter-webs. And politicians have had to propose various rules to try to control behaviour, without any real consequences/loss of votes.

I'm tired of all people's excuses, and of the politicians trying to spin reality and promise whatever will keep them in power. I'm too old for this shit. I've pretty well dropped out of Facebook/Meta, as Zuckey manipulates my Newsfeed to suit his revenue needs, not my needs. I use Twitter, and am on Discord, etc for my streaming. I still browse various news sources, but I'm trying to ignore all the political/Covid talk.

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