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Keeping Your Balance

I've had this topic in mind for a while. Ironically, I delayed sitting down to write because I was still trying to find my own balance. Not really physically, although old age and winter weather can make that more of a challenge - no, metaphorically. A balance in life, between things we should do and things we would like to do. And the end of  the day, the reality of the things we actually did do. Or missed out on. 

We spend our lives doing this balancing act. School and family and work can help in a way, adding structure and constraints, removing some freedom of choice. But, once family is done with (mostly) and the 9 to 5 daily slog is done, there are many more choices, many more possibilities, many more consequences to weigh. And The Covid, with the accompanying lockdowns and limitations, has reduced some options, changed others. Never mind the influence continued stress and worrying has on our decision making process. 

So here I sit, writing a post while I make some blueberry jam. Both activities that call for a focus, as I can either lose my train of thought, or the jam. Or both. But I've learned it helps lately to cut myself some slack, to allow for a certain lack of focus, to not be "productive", to not always be busy-busy. Again, that needs a balance, right?. When does an interest become a passion and then an obsession, pushing other options right off the table? Like playing a simulator game and streaming it daily. I started with trains years ago, then trucks (ATS/ETS2) and now Farming Simulator 2022. I'm up to streaming, via, to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Trovo Live, and I've accumulated followers on each platform, who seem to appreciate my laid back calming style. We even do multi-player sometimes.  I'm really enjoying it, but I do realize that eventually my growing pile of 'things to do' will lose its balance and fall over. I'll deal with it then.

I do manage to eat well and stay fairly active - less walking lately but more rowing. I've a machine. I've also an appointment for Covid shot #3 today, at my local Rexall, so there's an excuse to get out. Yes, it is snowing and -8c, but it's only 10 minutes or so away. And there's a Starbuck's there and I can drop in at my son's work on the way home to say hi and get a hug.  ;-)  

I'll close with a series of links to interesting articles I've found. 

  • From - Reducing email volume is key. Take this opportunity to express your draconian streak in your auto-reply message.
"I am on annual leave until dd/mm/yyyy. I will allow each sender one email and if you send me multiple emails, I will randomly delete your emails until there is only one remaining. Choose wisely. Please note that you have already sent me one email."
  • Hannah Fry shows how to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors. And why Secret Santa draws are not anonymous. She's smart, tall, funny, and a red-head ;-)  
  • This article ,"I Moved to a Remote Cabin to Write, and I Hate It", examines a writer's search for inspiration, for a new balance in her life. She thought it must have been her environment holding her back, so dumped her job and her boyfriend and her life in the city. And she still couldn't write, so now what? The advice given to her was that it wasn't all those things holding her back, it was her own expectations of what she should be writing, as opposed to what she could be writing. Some introspection was advised and a reset internally. From Outside Online. 
  • Speaking of Covid, yet more news about Omicron variant. From the Guardian - Scientists find ‘stealth’ version of Omicron that may be harder to track.
  • The Onion has a video of a Claw Machine.
  • Also from the Onion is this. "Bounty Scientists Scream As Experimental Paper Towel Absorbs Entire Lab".
  • From the Guardian, are you a Narnia fan? 'The Chronicles of Narnia are atrociously written'.
  • There was a story a few days ago about water in Hawaii being contaminated by fuel. I assume it's fixed by now. As opposed to the similar problem here in Canada, in Iqaluit.
  • And finally - here's a great recipe I tried for Boston Baked Beans.  


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