Keeping Your Balance
White Christmas, or a blue one?

Too Busy -with Christmas.

PXL_20211215_185048668 It's a 'busy' time of the year, as if the rest of the year we weren't always busy with something. Busy is just defined as being occupied with something, as in not dead, right? However, as a holdover from the Puritan work ethic, and/or fussy grandmothers, it has come to mean doing meaningful work that is a high priority for the doer. Or the person judging them. When someone says they were too busy to do something, they just had more important things to do, whether that was focusing on an honest effort to get a job done or the slightly dishonest move of using the task to avoid another one. Such as me posting this so I will be too busy to do Christmas cards. Rather than admit to someone you have more important things to do than their particular task, and take the responsibility of disappointing them, or being honest you had chickened out and risk losing face, it's easier to claim you were busy (as opposed to the rest of the world that is not busy?) and shift the responsibility of your choice onto some unknown busy-ness force. Yes, it is one of my pet peeves ;-)

So, before I get busy streaming or reading or doing cards, here are a few tidbits:

  • As noted (possibly) by the poet Ogden Nash, there is a fungus among us. And I don't just mean the song.  I've noticed these tiny little flies in my apartment, smaller than fruit flies. I think they are fungus gnats. They prefer moist soil for their larvae, but since I often forget to water my plants, they must be hardy little buggers. So, Plan B is to spray the soil well with a weak solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.   
  • I got my booster shot, vaccination #3. It was Pfizer, and, as before, hardly any reaction. No idea if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I read this, one article only, on the J&J one-shot solution, citing diminished protection against Omicron. Similar results for Pfizer and Moderna too, with strong recommendations to get a booster. No news from our Ontario 'leaders' yet on restrictions for gatherings over Christmas. I suspect they will appeal to common sense and ask us folks to be prudent. Omicron will spread exponentially, hospitals will be overun, doctors and nurses will get COVID, surgeries will be cancelled, doctors and nurses will quit, people will die. 'Tis the Season to be jolly, right? 
  • From The Onion, a list of the worst things to say to your rideshare driver. 



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