Too Busy -with Christmas.
How about a new year that's at least not any worse?

White Christmas, or a blue one?

PXL_20211219_181021881 Growing up in Toronto, there was always some doubt we'd have snow at Christmas. But if the 25th dawned with some fresh snow, it was a merry time for us kids, and our parents too. Not a lot of snow, just enough to make a snowman and go sliding and burn off some of those candy canes. This was not an issue for us when I lived up north, of course, as there the concern was whether we would get snowed in. 

For some, Christmas means feeling a little blue, maybe depressed over a loss, or over some unhappy holiday seasons in the past. And now, with short days and dreary weather, as we head into yet another year of COVID and restrictions/protections, this latest variant gives us one more thing to be blue about. It can be a challenge to be positive at times, but for myself, I'm happy just to wake up in the morning and be able to breathe. That's a good start. I've had less face-to-face contact with people over the past few years, but have made up for it a bit with online contacts, either through Facetime or my gaming. I've settled into a new apartment, have put up some art, and have a great gaming setup. I often don't get a lot accomplished each day it seems, so I do my 'to-do' list at the end of the day, reflecting on whatever did get done. This Omicron means more limits on our lives - or it should, if governments weren't so worried about offending people and losing votes. Vaccination and testing are a good solution, but the decision makers don't understand the logistics involved. Or how to convey their message. 

But I'm optimistic and think we will see a drop again in a few weeks. And hopefully, the worldwide infections can be reduced enough so that there are no longer denser areas where variants can evolve. It would be nice to head into summer this year, being able to see people smile and give them hugs.

And now - a smattering of links I've collected:

  • Speaking of feeling blue in winter - is you're a victim of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Norwegians seem to have this under control. 
  • Here's one of several sources for COVID spread in Ontario. It's a government site, hopefully not skewed too much by political ambitions. 
  • Some famous lady played a great Christmas duet. 
  • If you are a programmer, here are some good guidelines on commenting on your code, from Stack Overflow.  And if you're one of those hackers that doesn't comment,  well - no comment.  
  • If Santa did not bring you a computer upgrade, fear not. Here are 15 of the Best Steam Games You Can Play on Weaker PCs. 
  • Do you remember the Toronto Eaton's Santa Claus Parade? Here's a good history of it. 
  • Here's yet another article on the Amazon Prime series, the Wheel of Time. I've been rereading the original story too, via the 14 book series by Robert Jordan. 
  • A liberal MP has been censured for defying party advice against non-essential travel. He's been demoted from a committee - for now. I assume he just needs to follow Trudeau's lead and apologize, saying he's sorry if anyone chose to be offended by his actions. Will he do so before Trudeau gets kicked out?  
  • Thirty Ottawa paramedics have tested positive recently in Ottawa. In the line of duty? No, after attending a private function. Close to 100 patients are also on the contact list. It would be interesting to see photos from that function,  
  • Here's some Trump news for you, on more shady fundraising - billions in stock market valuation for his new Truth Social. 
  • If you haven't seen Brand New Cherry Flavor on Netflix, with Rosa Salazar - do so. Very well written, acted, directed, filmed - everything. And quite shocking at times. I need to rewatch it at least once to catch some of the nuances. 
  • I looked for more by Salazar, and found Undone, on Amazon Prime. Filmed using Rotoscoping - a fascinating technique. And here she is in a great interview. OK - I'll stop now ;-) 
  • And what are Princess Haya and the Sheik up to? Nothing cheap. 




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