White Christmas, or a blue one?
Conqueror Virtual Challenge - Angkor Wat

How about a new year that's at least not any worse?

271042867_2225246824306349_949975594512874994_nMy friend Steph posted this from Melbourne - looks like a great start to the year. 

I spent New Year's Eve with a good book (Wheel of Time series), some quiet jazz, and a glass of wine or two. I actually missed midnight, not checking the time until 12:10 a.m. Oh well.

I was reviewing my own 2021 for highlights. The first one is surviving COVID, I guess. Next one is surviving a UTI, severe dehydration, a collapse, and my first hospital stay since I was 6. All is good now. On a more positive note, I've really got into online streaming, especially for Farm Simulator, and built a good following. I've settled into my new place just fine, and had pleasant visits with my kids. Kept my sanity, too. That's pretty well it for 'success' I guess, as like many of us I have set the bar pretty low. 

My New Year's Resolution is to journal daily - more to track the day's highlights in the evening than set up an overly optimistic plan in the morning. I would like to finally start my podcasting, as well as lose weight, scan in boxes of photos, travel - lots of plans but my Traveller's Notebook will be the base I think. And I'll continue to avoid Facebook if I can.

I've collected yet more interesting 'stuff'. Here's some of it:

  • Let's start with Ms. Goop, via the Onion -  "Gwyneth Paltrow Touts New Diamond-Encrusted Trepanation Drill." 
  • From the National Post, it turns out a glass of wine likely doesn't keep the doctor away. Sorry. 
  • Also from them, a suggestion that as far as maths tests go, race becomes more important than competence. 
  • Here's something from YouTube about Colossus, the greatest secret in the history of computing. 
  • San Diego, according to the Onion, will remove the stigma of homelessness by making most people homeless. 
  • When a Florida man stuck his arm in a Malayan tiger's cage, possible to pet it, the tiger bit it. Authorities had to kill the tiger to save the man's arm. 
  • Here's a lovely version from YouTube of Joni Mitchell's "River". In her words, “‘River’ expresses regret at the end of a relationship…but it’s also about being lonely at Christmas time… A Christmas song for people who are lonely at Christmas! We need a song like that.” I'm not sure we really need this, unless it's for people that can't tell the difference between being alone and being lonely. 
  • And finally, via the Guardian, what do you really know about Dingoes, other than some cliches? 


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Glad you enjoyed the pics Gramps! I spent most of that evening in a swimming pool as it was 38 degrees. Apparently, you only really smell chlorine when it mixes with urine. The pool here smelt very strongly of chlorine... so I'm reconsidering just buying a large trough and putting it on my balcony.

You did have quite a big 2021, let's hope for a smoother 2022.

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