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Conqueror Virtual Challenge - Angkor Wat

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #345 - 'The Conqueror - Virtual Challenges I Virtual Challenges' - www.theconqueror.eventsTL;DR -Time to get moving again.
I really like this site, and want to get back into the challenges. The locations are from around the world, often with amazing sights to explore via Google Streetview. The Facebook community is awesome, support desk is fast, and such cool medals once you finish.
My first challenge was the 42km Marathon to Athens.  I used my Fitbit to track steps and travelled the same route daily via Streetview - taking screenshots and commenting on my discoveries in my Facebook. I really enjoyed it. My second was the 66km Flower Route , in the Netherlands. Great Street Views and I did the same screenshot commenting - just not as frequently. Next was the 161km Cote d'Azur. I started with good intentions but my steps/day, and (new) rowing machine time, as well as my views and comments, fell off. I think it was boredom with the walk - beautiful but repetitive - as well as my boycott of much of Facebook. Maybe less peer pressure? My last one was the 56km Amalfi Coast.  - no added steps, no tracking, took me 28 days. Just no motivation. 
I'll restart small - I have some codes and I hear that Ankhor Wat has nice views. So, it's off to Cambodia for me. I'll try to track my progress daily in this post, just adding to the end as I go.

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How about a new year that's at least not any worse?

271042867_2225246824306349_949975594512874994_nMy friend Steph posted this from Melbourne - looks like a great start to the year. 

I spent New Year's Eve with a good book (Wheel of Time series), some quiet jazz, and a glass of wine or two. I actually missed midnight, not checking the time until 12:10 a.m. Oh well.

I was reviewing my own 2021 for highlights. The first one is surviving COVID, I guess. Next one is surviving a UTI, severe dehydration, a collapse, and my first hospital stay since I was 6. All is good now. On a more positive note, I've really got into online streaming, especially for Farm Simulator, and built a good following. I've settled into my new place just fine, and had pleasant visits with my kids. Kept my sanity, too. That's pretty well it for 'success' I guess, as like many of us I have set the bar pretty low. 

My New Year's Resolution is to journal daily - more to track the day's highlights in the evening than set up an overly optimistic plan in the morning. I would like to finally start my podcasting, as well as lose weight, scan in boxes of photos, travel - lots of plans but my Traveller's Notebook will be the base I think. And I'll continue to avoid Facebook if I can.

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