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Facebook Alternative?
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Substack


GarbageI woke up this morning musing about The Facebook, and the love/hate relationship many have with it. And my own desire to share and comment on the many interesting things I see in my day, the random musings I have as I browse The Interwebs or relax on my balcony or people-watch in a pub. I try to share things on The Facebook, but like us all I am at the mercy of the algorithms as to who sees what. I know some friends would like to see my content more reliably, and join in the discussion, but I am frustrated in how I have little control over that connection.

It’s been compared to a river of information flowing past, with some gems in the midst of the garbage, but it’s not really a flow you watch, like Twitter. It’s more like a series of snapshots, taken now, of a selection of what’s been posted so far by friends, the public, by advertisers, a selection The Facebook has decided is appropriate for you. Meaning what will generate the most revenue for Them. It is like a river though, in the sense that a lot can flow by before you take another peek.

I know I have friends out there that try to follow my ramblings, and that often reply with thought provoking comments. And I in turn would like to engage with their content better. I’m not sure how to deal with the latter scenario, but I may be able to direct my own content better - via Substack. It’s basically a creation platform with access via a newsletter. And a growing community of other creators. There is an option to charge, but I think I might as well leave it as free. I'll give it a whirl. Comment policy will be the same as on my streams, “Don’t be a Jerk”.

I won’t abandon The Facebook, but I’ll see how this works in comparison. Pass on my info to any friends you think might be interested.

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