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RP - So many choices, so little time.


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So many choices, so little time.

- Trying to manage all the ways to plug into the world.

Photo-1511268559489-34b624fbfcf5 My apologies for seeming to have abandoned this SubStack. I had good intentions at the start, hoping that this would be a good way to share my ideas with people and encourage feedback and discussion. And connect with people - I’m missing that. I used to be 1/2 block away from lots of cafes and pubs and shops, less than a 5 minute walk. Now I’m a 15 minute walk - still quite doable but the COVID lockdown mindset is hard to shake. And to be honest, it was difficult to strike up any serious conversations in my local haunts - friendly but shallow. Possibly a symptom of the increasing simplification of society, but that’s another topic.

So - virtual connections can be a start, but not a lot of inter-connections so far in here other than the occasional rightist rant. And I don’t do both-side-ism. But maybe patience is needed, so let’s go.

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