Conqueror - Paris - 1.8km
Conqueror -Paris -4.8km

Conqueror- Paris- 3.7km

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1140 - 'Paris Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' - Here's my progress so far on the map.







FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1144 - 'Jardin d'Acclimatation - Google Maps' - I carried on west through the park to a roundabout and the Jardin d'Acclimatation - a children's park. Not much to see from the road, but Google map had this shot. Looks like a scary ride! Reminds me of the Wild Mouse at the CNE in Toronto.





FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1143 - '8 пр-т. Маатма Ганди - Google Maps' - More greenery as I strolled along Av. du Mahatma Gandhi - so nice to see all this in the middle of Paris - then this amazing sculpture/building. It's a museum, built by the Louis Vuitton Foundation and designed by Frank Gehry. 





FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1141 - 'Paris Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' - South next, along Rte de la Muette à Neuilly (love these street names) through more parkland. Possible this is Le Bois du Boulogne, hard to tell. At any rate, ended my walk at a cute little spot on Lac Inferieur (Lower Lake). More of a pond than a lake, and just south of it is Lac Superieur (Upper Lake). At any rate, the boathouse looks nice, and apparently it's a nice outing there to rent a boat, paddle around, and feed the geese.  


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