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Conqueror - Paris - 0 km

I thought I'd try some challenges again, to make getting out and about a little more exciting. I did a number of these Conqueror challenges a few years ago, and they went well. They give a nice guided tours, via a Google Map pathm with links to StreetView usually, and track your progress via whatever distance tracker you use - I have a FitBit. You get a few virtual postcards, there's a nice community, a cool medal at the end, and they donate toward tree planting too.

Today I bought a new 3-city package - Paris, Rome, and London.  Here's the Conqueror site.

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RP - Too much freedom.

Repost from Feb 6/23

Too much freedom

 - Are more structures and constraints a good thing?

Photo-1454942901704-3c44c11b2ad1I need to try sketching again. My son and I got into it last summer, using just the basic pen and ink and paper. He kept going and is still enjoying it. I didn't. Fear of failure? A general lack of ambition? I don’t know. Not that I haven’t been busy, as there is no shortage of sparkly things to grasp at. Still, it feels lately that I’ve been wasting my days doing fun but less challenging things - like playing games or watching videos or reading fantasy books or surfing the interwebs. Yes, I am retired and I can do anything I want, so maybe it really isn’t wasting, but still . . .

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