Conqueror - Te Araroa -52.2 km -finally passed Roses Hut
Conqueror - Te Araroa - 73.6km - South of Arrowtown

Conqueror -Te Araroa -61.2 - passed Macetown

 Finally, another landmark, Macetown. Named after the Mace brothers. They were part of the 1500 miners that descended on the area in the 1852 gold rush, at the junction of 12 Mile Creek and the Arrow River. Back in the day it boomed with 300 residents, a school, a church, and two hotels. Complete with bars I assume. Now it's part of a Historical Reserve, and accessible on foot or by road, up from Arrowtown. Ihere are a lot of river crossings, so a Ute is advised.

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1325 - 'Macetown Campsite - Google Maps' - There are a few buildings left.  







FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1326 - 'Macetown Campsite - Google Maps' - Part of a sluice gate - gravel would be dug up, then washed and sifted until gold was found.  






FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1327 - 'Macetown Campsite - Google Maps' - The river. Most of the gold has been found. However, was initially washed downstream at some point - maybe a rockslide somewhere, maybe there is still a slow but steady source. Only time will tell. 


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