Conqueror - Te Araroa - 73.6km - South of Arrowtown
July 4 collection from FB, etc

Conqueror - Te Araroa - 99.5 km - Past Queenstown

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1340 - 'Te Araroa Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' - Lots of km since last checking. I continued past Lake Hayes - the lake and the town - along the Kawarau and Shotover rivers, across the Shotover Bridge,  various Queenstown malls, as in Five Mile Shopping Centre. Past the airport, and then through the town itself. And I planted a tree and got a postcard. 




FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1342 - 'Te Araroa Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' -






FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1344 - '133617.jpg (832×585)' - Note that came with the postcard -

Queenstown has to be the adventure capital of New Zealand with its year-round high-octane sports. Let me begin with the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge. It was built in 1880 to provide access to the goldfields. A century later, entrepreneur AJ Hackett launched a bungee jumping operation at the bridge. Imagine standing on the edge of a platform with a stretchy elastic cord tied around your ankles and then willingly throwing yourself off to free-fall 154ft (47m). A most exhilarating experience.

But let's turn it up a notch and take a relaxing cable car ride to Bob's Peak for a paragliding experience. You wander over to an angled grassy field where a guide lays out a particular type of parachute. He then clips you into a harness and attaches himself to you. Instructions are coming in fast, and while mentally processing, you're told to start running. Before it all sinks in, you suddenly drift over Queenstown, 2600ft (800m) above sea level. There is no turning back and all you can do is enjoy the stunning views of Lake Wakatipu, the country’s third-largest lake in the country, and its surrounding peaks. But for extra excitement, the guide creates a g-force experience by adding some speed to the descent with a handful of sharp turns. It can play a little havoc on the stomach!

However, for those who want to keep their feet on the ground, there are several stunning hikes or a stroll along the lake’s shore. In winter, the town becomes the centre of all snow sports activities.

Movie fans could head out to Deer Park Heights, a working farm, to explore the filming locations for The Lord of the Rings, Wolverine, or Disney’s The Rescue and Pete's Dragon. Along the way, you may encounter any number of animals, including red deer, Himalayan tahr, highland cattle, llamas, and alpacas. The farm is 1800ft (550m) above Queenstown, overlooking the town and Lake Wakatipu.

There is definitely lots to do and see. Then there are all the restaurants, more than 100, with an endless supply of delicious choices. How do I even begin to choose?

PS. Experience our virtual challenges in real life - The Conqueror Adventures

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1345 - 'Te Araroa Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' - Lake Hayes






FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1346 - 'Shotover Bridge - Google Maps' - Shotover Bridge -  Iconic 1871 timber bridge on a hiking trail, offering a sweeping view of the Shotover River.






FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1347 - 'Frankton - Google Maps' - Queenstown -pop about 50k - a big destination for various adventure activities. Here's their site






FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1343 - 'Te Araroa Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' - And here's where I ended up, heading SW. 



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