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July 5 collection from FB, etc

Canadian news is starting to vanish from Instagram.

This specific news is not that relevant to me, as I didn't even realize that I could get CBC news on Instagram.
I'm not a big Instagram fan - I decided to try it but all I see are pics from people I follow on Facebook. Or that Instagram has decided will make more ad money if I see them. It's the monetizing algorithm yet again.
OK, this is an article by a CBC reporter, about his network disappearing from Instagram, so maybe a bit biased, but he does list all the other ways followers can access CBC news if they want to work at it.
Ditto for other news sources, as well as consumers of news via Google - who are due to block access by December.
But do people really want to work at it? For my news I subscribe to some newsletters, have notifications from various site, listen to podcasts, and tend to follow links down down some torturous but interesting ratholes.
But I think I'm not the norm, as far as that is concerned. Many are too busy for more than a smattering of news. so if it's not easily served to them they may just find something else to interest them. And Meta, Google, etc will just find another way to get viewers.
I did hear a comment that the thought from media was that all these links would drive people to their sites, so they could nudge them with ads as they browsed around. But that in reality the media sites weren't keeping people there, either from poor site design or too many in-your-face ads. People would read the one article, then leave. Rather than fix this issue, the media are appealing to the government to help them. Interesting idea.
Will this issue still matter enough for either side to want to work out a deal so that journalists and their organizations get paid? Or will all the 'good' sites just fade away into the New Media, serving up dis/mis-information in return for eyeballs and clicks and dollars, via major channels like Fox and CNN, and a myriad of clamouring little personal web sites?
Or will we see new news organizations, such as Village Media - digital only and willing to work with Google and Facebook. https://www.villagemedia.ca/


Happy Grocery Rebate Day Canada! - reposted as SubStack Note

The government is sending out rebates to all that qualify for a GST/HST credit, based on their tax return filed for 2021. No rebate if there's no return, whether you're just late or new here and not up top speed yet or just too dirt poor to bother.
Up to $234 if you're single, $628 for married with 4 kids.
Those few hundred dollars (of our own money) will help, more competition/lower prices would help too.
This video goes into some of the reasons for those prices, but no real solutions yet.
Re: adding the Notes feature to my SubStack
I'm adding the notes feature to my substack. Usually it will be the same stuff as here, but not all my followers are on The Facebook. And there will sometimes be extras. You have to go there to read them. You can also subscribe, free, via my newsletter to my long posts on Substack - 1-2 a week I hope. The subscribe is at https://ravensview.substack.com/
FYI - on Substack, writers write articles, and readers subscribe via newsletters. Newsletters are free or paid monthly - typically $5/month. It can add up, but there are no advertisers in the way, profiting off your clicks, tailoring the algorithm for the revenue, and passing a fraction on to the writers. It's free for writers, Substack takes 10% from subscriptions.




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