July 5 collection from FB, etc
RP - Are miracles only for good things?

July 6 collection


Canadian judge rules thumbs-up emoji can represent contract agreement


I don't like either of these execs but this is still amusing.

Twitter threatens to sue Meta over rival Threads app
In a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a lawyer for the Elon Musk-owned app said Meta had unlawfully misappropriated trade secrets


Comment - Eden Mabee

This is the best part of the whole article:
"It’s unclear what evidence Twitter has that former employees who now work at Meta continue to have access to Twitter intellectual property or trade secrets. Twitter responded to a request for comment with an automated email of a poop emoji."
Also cute 
Just passing this on, from Reuters and U of Oxford. 
"Faced with rising costs and falling income, Canadian news media are restructuring and experimenting with new content and business models. The state’s role is becoming more central, from proposals to force Google, Facebook, and others to compensate publishers, to the future of the national broadcaster."
Threads is a new product from Meta, the people farming company.
It's positioned as a Twitter replacement, and gets you up and running right away using your Instagram account followers. And your data. Launch in the EU is delayed, over privacy concerns. Nice to have them to slow these companies down.
I do have an Instagram account, but rarely use it. I don't really get it.
I'm still hanging onto Twitter, mostly for a selection of respected journalists I follow via Tweetdeck. Supposedly Musk will be breaking even that soon, hiding it behind a paywall, so I'll give up on that.
Comment - I wrote a paper on Threads today, with regards to official use by our team/Department. The use case you describe is sadly on its way out on Twitter, but I don't know how news pieces will be handled on Threads yet, given the recent implications with Bill C-18.
Me - Good to be proactive about it. C-18 seems to be on the radar for some journalists and consumers, but I don't think the public at large sees it as an issue. Yet. I think my next SubStack article will be on that.


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