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Oct 20/2023 - -History, Hospital, and Petulant Pierre

I posted the following on my SubStack yesterday, in a new section called Odds and Ends. I'll try posting there every day or so, to summarize things that catch my fancy in the day. Not a newsletter every day on this, maybe a weekly letter. And maybe less FaceBook too, as they block news links. Hopefully I get some feedback there.


I’ll probably do a long collection of bits later on, starting with the Oct 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. As opposed to an attack by Palestine, I guess.

A history lesson - For many it seems the history of the conflict is something vague in the past, and not that relevant. I’d advise checking out this DW documentary, Israel - Story of a Contested Country, which traces its roots back decades before that.

From the description - The attack on Israel by the militant Islamist group Hamas that started on 7 October 2023 adds a new dimension to the Middle East conflict: From the Gaza strip, fighters of the Palestinian terrorist organisation were able to cross into Israeli territory, take Israeli hostages, and kill hundreds of soldiers and civilians. Israel responded by declaring a state of war and retaliating with full force. In the Gaza strip, hundreds of Palestinian Hamas fighters and civilians were killed. The documentary tells the complex story of how the state of Israel was founded – a story that lies at the heart of the violence and conflict in the region to this day.

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