A Mind of Her Own

This is for a Flash Fiction challenge via Terrible Minds. From the site:

I’m going to give you ten random items.

You must pick four and incorporate all four into a single piece of flash fiction (~1000 words).

Those items are:

  • An unopened envelope.
  • A dead man’s guitar.
  • A rocking chair.
  • A chess piece.
  • A road sign.
  • A child’s toy.
  • A leather mask.
  • An animal skull.
  • An iron horseshoe.
  • A police officer’s badge.


I picked the following: an unopened envelope, a rocking chair, a child’s toy, and a police officer’s badge. I decided also to try to do this as another part of a story I started a while ago, about a woman trapped in a computer. This was just over 1000, at 1071 words.

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The Ghost in the Machine

This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to once again pick from three columns of 'aspects' of a story - in this case, sub-genre, setting, and element to include. 1000 words.  Here's the choices:

Subgenre Setting Element to Include

Paranormal Romance



Ghost Story

Space Opera

Alternative History


BDSM Erotica

Murder Mystery


A Brothel

A Space Station

Bottom of the Ocean

Inside a Massively-Multiplayer Game



The Hollow Earth

The Zoo

In a Vehicle Traveling Down the Highway

Paris, 1944

Weapons of Mass Destruction

A Funeral


A Robot


A Fashion Show

A Dragon

Some Kind of Alien Virus or Parasite



I did a random spin and got Lovecraftian, In a Vehicle Travelling Down the Highway, and A Robot. This was intriguing to me, as I'd never read any Lovecraft. I downloaded some and realized I may have tried to read him at times, but dozed off at the time. But - determined - I asked for some recommendations and read a couple of stories. I developed a story idea of someone trapped, in a vehicle, with a robot driver. He's trying to run from his past, from terrible things his ancestors did. He's in a truck, with something in the back, and gradually realizes there's a horror in the back. All seemed like the elements of a good story, but couldn't get going on it. Another time. In the meantime, I did still want to do something, so did a ghost story of sorts. 975 words.

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