Barry's Mt. Tremblant in the summer

Thought I'd pass this on too...

Hey folks.  The Tremblant Weekend fast approaches... the group is over 50 now and if you think you just might like to come and you have that weekend free, WHY DON'T YOU.... it is a lot of fun!!  I still have some beautiful condo space available, so why not get back to me ASAP with your interest and questions.  You can organize your own condo or if you are on your own or two, I would try to hook you up with a couple of other suitable people.  (There is also smaller condos for two or three).  Great getaway weekend for singles and couples.  Two or three night package available.
Don't miss all the fun!  Have a good read below!


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Dance - for valentines and others

  I mentioned these events in a previous post - always well run, big crowds, lots of fun, and suitable for couples or those on their own too. For this one, some will bring a Valentine, or find one there (preferable not someone else's) , some might worry it's an event with a little more pressure but I can assure you there's also many of us at these events that go just to have fun.

Here's Barry's latest invite -  

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Barry's parties in 2010

I'm passing on some Ottawa singles and couples party info for 2010, it's from an email a friend - Barry Owens - sent me. He doesn't have a web site so I'll put it here so I (and others) can link to it via sites like Twitter and Facebook. Go ahead and pass it on - and while you're hear, feel free to check out one of the supporting ads on this page. 

Barry  organizes cruises, ski weekends, wine tasting tours, golf trips - all well done, emphasis on friendship and fun. He also used to put on several dances a year at a local hall, with several hundred people, DJ, bar, munchies at midnight. Packed them in, and the dance floor was always full. He also organized a monthly networking event, Mingleworks, that was well attended too. Looks like from his email he's going to restart the dances and the Mingleworks - yay! His note starts below:

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