Conqueror Virtual Challenge - Berlin Wall

Another short-ish challenge, the Berlin Wall. From the site, "The Berlin Wall takes you on a powerful 30mi (48km) journey through the center of Berlin, Germany, from Waltersdorfer Chaussee to Hermsdorf. What used to be a symbol of a world split in half by the Cold War now is the symbol of freedom, liberty, and unity."

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #758 - 'Berlin-wall-map en - Berlin Wall - Wikipedia' - en.wikipedia.orgHere's a map from Wiki of the wall back then, showing checkpoints. Key: Solid line: the Berlin Wall Dotted line: edges of East Berlin Blue dots: Checkpoints open to Germans only Red dots: Checkpoints open to Germans and non-Germans.

64681748I got a postcard and letter soon after starting out. I'll add the text from the letter here. 

The thriving city of Berlin is home to 3.8 million people. It is the capital city of Germany, the largest city in the country and one of the most populated in Europe. A tourist destination, Berlin is rich with culture, diverse architecture, vibrant nightlife, a plethora of festivities and a very high quality of life.

Yet not so long-ago, Berlin was a decimated city, a result of heavy bombing during WWII. When Germany lost the war in 1945, the country was divided by the Allies into four sectors. The Allies consisted of the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union (USSR). East Germany was occupied by the USSR and West Germany was split between the other three. Berlin, as the capital city, was located in East Germany and it too was carved up into East and West Berlin.

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Conqueror Virtual Challenge - Angkor Wat

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #345 - 'The Conqueror - Virtual Challenges I Virtual Challenges' - www.theconqueror.eventsTL;DR -Time to get moving again.
I really like this site, and want to get back into the challenges. The locations are from around the world, often with amazing sights to explore via Google Streetview. The Facebook community is awesome, support desk is fast, and such cool medals once you finish.
My first challenge was the 42km Marathon to Athens.  I used my Fitbit to track steps and travelled the same route daily via Streetview - taking screenshots and commenting on my discoveries in my Facebook. I really enjoyed it. My second was the 66km Flower Route , in the Netherlands. Great Street Views and I did the same screenshot commenting - just not as frequently. Next was the 161km Cote d'Azur. I started with good intentions but my steps/day, and (new) rowing machine time, as well as my views and comments, fell off. I think it was boredom with the walk - beautiful but repetitive - as well as my boycott of much of Facebook. Maybe less peer pressure? My last one was the 56km Amalfi Coast.  - no added steps, no tracking, took me 28 days. Just no motivation. 
I'll restart small - I have some codes and I hear that Ankhor Wat has nice views. So, it's off to Cambodia for me. I'll try to track my progress daily in this post, just adding to the end as I go.

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