A Lost Hour

My latest Flash Fiction Friday challenge had been to write about the change last weekend to Daylight Savings Time. What if different people changed at different times? What if that hour wasn't really lost? I blended in a bit of magic, via a leprechaun, and had fun with this. 2000 words worth, so the real challenge was to get it to just a tad over the 1000 word limit.

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Wardrobe Malfunction

CoatFor this week, the challenge from Flash Fiction Friday was to write about a coat. Your favourite coat, but that you ended up donating to the local thrift store. We had to write about how it then affected the life of the next person. So I 'gave away' my comfy winter coat.  I wanted to explore a different ending too, avoiding a cliche. Feedback always welcome of course. Maximum was 1000 words, I did about 900.

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Coming Clean

The challenge this week from FlashFictionFriday was to use eight given words in a 1000 word story, words chosen at random from a list of  16. I got confess, second, lively, exchange, smell, noisy, stocking, and sign. It took a few days, but eventually my subconscious came up with a story. I added characters, issue, some plot, and voila. I bolded my eight words. It's just under 1000 words.

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A Cold Choice

Our prompt this week for Flash Fiction Friday was all about testing your character - in a blizzard, specifically. It seemed appropriate, given the sudden winter storms that have been descending on us this year. As a writer, we can throw things like blizzards and broken limbs and winning lottery tickets at our developing characters, to see what they make of the challenge. This story came out pretty fast for  me, and was fun. Just under 1000 words.

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