Mystery Soup

I've made this before - AKA empty the crisper soup, or scrap soup. Scrap soup was mentioned on CBC lately - I can't find the link but was described as save all your scraps - meat, veggies, pastas - whatever - in a container in the freezer. Once you've a good assortment - throw them in a pot with some stock and spices, add some fresh veggies for crunch, rice or barley or pasta - and voila.

Here's one link to a site with the basic concept, and some variations she tried. I like to start with some sort of meat, and the appropriate beef or chicken stock, and carry on.

Tonight the mystery meat - once thawed - turned out to be a lamb shoulder chop. I cubed and browned it, then did some some onions. Put some stock - chicken this time - into a pot and added some water. After that it was whatever was in that freezer container - maybe a cup of chopped mush - then browse the crisper for garlic, carrots, celery, and peppers. Added frozen peas and corn, some salsa, salt and pepper, bay leaf. Threw in some pot barley. Likely too much pot barley - I tend to make more stews that soups. 

Oh - and two splashes of red wine - one in the pot, one in a glass.

I'll leave that to simmer while I read about The Tongue - Kiss and Make-up. It's the next selection for a book club I'm in. Last one was The Ravine, next is Cool Water.



I thought I'd add a recipe I've used often for this - including last night. 

This is based on a recipe I got from “Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health”, by Liz Pearson and Mairlyn Smith. . It’s a somewhat grandiose title, but a good recipe. I've added chick peas to the recipe - feel free to experiment yourself. Not sure why beans were to be drained/rinsed - while it gets rid of some of that sludge in the can, you may need to add liquid. 
Adjust the salsa and chilli powder according to your palate. 

Most people don’t even notice the mock meat. 

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Barry's fall wine tour

 I got this a few weeks ago, thought I would pass it on. Never have gone myself, but do get good feedback from those that have gone.

10. It's the "10th Anniversary", so going to be a special one!  We are going during the Niagara Wine Festival!  You will be treated to a great evening of live music, wines, food and more!  The end of September is the perfect time of year, harvest time for the grapes.
 9. "Getting there can be half the fun"!  We have a deluxe, private 56 passenger motorcoach with all the comforts....washroom, comfortable seats, video for movies, music concerts, etc.  "Refreshments" served at the back of the bus!  No worries about drinking and driving during the 4 days!
 8. Our accommodations: We are staying at a very nice hotel, well located in Niagara Falls, close to lots of things you will want or want to see.  It has a great bar/nightclub right off the lobby! 
There is also a very nearby motel for those who might like an even cheaper wine tour package price!  (See below).
 7. You will get to visit and explore 9 wineries in 2 wine areas....the Bench Wine Region and the Niagara Peninsula.  Included will be several tours and many, many wine tastings!  You will learn lots about wine production starting in the vineyards all the way to how to appreciate wines and much more....everything from grape to very educational too!
 6. Package price:  If you are one of the next 10 persons to book....$100 deposit (tour is now two-thirds booked), you can still take advantage of a low package price...$429 plus tax (double occupancy) staying at our hotel.  As well, I will throw in a winery BBQ lunch complimentary! 
Or, if you want to stay at the motel about one block away, your package price will be $339 plus tax (double occupancy).  These are great prices for a 4 day / 3 night getaway like this one with all the inclusions I have put in there this year!  You can also ask about single occupancy if you have no-one to travel with.  I would be pleased to try to match you up with a suitable roommate.

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Barry's beer on Bank

It's the turn of Bank in the Glebe to get torn up - replacing 100 yr old pipes so a major job. But supposedly businesses all still open, the main issue being parking now.

Barry is hosting another of his patio parties at the MVP Lounge on Bank tonight (June 1). The pub is small but the patio large, nice place to sit and relax and meet old and new friends. And hopefully escape before that hockey stuff starts! Details below.

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