January mingling

Passing this on from Barry - this month's Mingleworks. These are fun.


Just a quick reminder to come on out on Wednesday between 5PM and 9PMish for some great "mingling" and social networking with friends and maybe new friends to be, music, price deals on cocktails, wine, beer and appetizers, complimentary chips and salsa, invites to other things and never a cover charge!
Why not invite along a friend or two.  If you have not been before, the address is The MVP Lounge on Bank at Clemow in the Glebe.  Lots of free area parking.
Hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas - 2010

Merry Christmas to all out there on the Wide World Web. I've been on here a long time, my first access was subsidized dial-up via National Capital Freenet. Not sure how long ago that was, but my account is "only" ae237 and was using a DEC Vt-100 terminal and a 300 baud modem. Likely was sometime in the late 90's, I remember was mostly list-servers and forums online, but there was this exciting new thing called Mozilla - a browsing type interface for the internet.  And here we are now with smartphones and Twitter. Oh well, I'll have lots of stories for my grandson about the old days.

Lower pressure Christmas this year, as did the kid things two weeks early, so spreads it out a bit. I dropped in to say hi to my son at his work on Thursday, then went across the street to my local pub. Only a few there, I had a couple of pints of Bud Light and a serving of their excellent fries. April was at the bar - she bought us all a round of shooters. She made them with Butter ripple and Green Sourpuss something plus some other bits and pieces. Was a shooter so not to be sipped anyways - went down fine.

Walked home to relax and read for a while, then off to a party at a friend's condo downtown on Christmas Eve. I brought my tourtiere. Others selections there included pierogies, and a herring salad. Much better tasting than it sounded to me initially, seemed like a potato salad with lots of onion and bits of herring. People also brought some mini-quiches, an apple crumble, and various desserts. Good food, good conversation - thanks Anna.

Edit - just found out that the salad was herring, sliced onion, chopped apple, and sour cream. Recipe to follow. 

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Barry's MingleWorks is back

FYI - MingleWorks is a social gathering that has been run off and on by Barry for a number of years. Good chance to mingle comfortably, nibble some munchies, meet interesting people, and perhaps sign up for a trip or a cruise. Here's the invite he sent out...


Yes, after many months, "MingleWorks" is back and here is the invite and information.  For those of you who have never been in the past and don't know what it is, MingleWorks is an "afterwork social networking cocktail party", always held on the first Wednesday of each month and always at the same location.  Whether you are single or a couple, it is a great opportunity to get out once a month and "mingle" with friends and meet some new ones.
The location is the new MVP Lounge, 683 Bank Street in the Glebe, corner of Clemow.  It will start at 4:30 - 5PM and go until about 9PM.  Some people will head over directly from work; others may prefer to whip home, freshen up and come over then.  There is quite a bit of free parking in the area.

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Best secret family tourtiere recipe

OK - no longer a secret, but I wanted to share this good recipe for tourtiere - a French Canadian meat pie. It's often served after Midnight Mass, or at New Years. Possibly with Moose Milk. There are certainly a lot of recipes to be found online, many of them the best and/or secret. Try this one, we've used it several times at different events. I've listed the general ingredients, plus the specific quantities we used last time we made it. Do feel free to adjust and experiment with the numbers. Some recipes use rolled oats to thicken - try it. Taste often while cooking - make sure the sous chef has many clean spoons at the ready. And some wine handy to cleanse the palate between tastings.

The recipe below makes four pies - regular, not deep dish.

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