ROW80/Twitch in 2019

I used to be a writer. 
Okay, I still am one, but I haven't really worked at it for a year. I tend to be attracted to sparkly things, and I enjoy the challenge of exploring something new.
In 2010 I tried NaNoWriMo - and finished! I wrote a part two of the story the next year and got both published - by a local micro-publisher. Sales have been 'modest' sales, mostly local, but they are available online and in libraries across Canada. I'm pleased with both novels.
Over the years I 'won' several more NaNoWriMo's, but left all the novels in first/second draft stage. I tried editing them but hated it, too many rules and constraints mixed in with the creativity. And no waiting publisher as an incentive.
I also wrote about 100 Flash Fiction stories, just as quick and dirty ways to explore a character or idea, done in only a few hours. I published them online and gathered both praise and constructive feedback. I liked both those things, as well as my sense of accomplishment in creating something.

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Party game

I printed out a suggestive ad for a different sort of event, faked a handwritten note on it between the hosts, and left it in the bathroom. And then waited to see who would read and comment.

My assumption is that people do snoop, and they would love to comment, but no one wants to be first. 

I started off with the paper folded, under a small glass vase - but still with a cheeky view. No comments. Then, after a few more "users" visits, moved the vase. Nothing. Then unfolded in plain view. I was ready to tape it to the mirror next, but the hostess saw it there and brought it out. Laughs all around, people had noticed it, but reluctant to comment of course. Helps if the hosts are good sports (they were, and threw a great party).

I like the suggestion noted here about party snoopers, stuff a bunch of marbles in the medicine cabinet and wait for the trap to be sprung.

BTW - I think we will be going to MLO November 12.