75 trips around the Sun

And I only had to stop to ask directions twice. Sun-face

I turned 75 years old this week, and it's been a smooth trip, for the most part. I did pause twice for therapy to check my direction, and did hit a speed-bump this year (hospital visit) but looking back I'm pretty satisfied. Could I have done some things different? Of course. Would that have been better? I don't know, I would have ended up a different person, on a different path, but the end result is the same. Around and around the sun until you stop.

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My Sunday rant

I see that Ford has walked back two of the latest restrictions - the closure of children's playgrounds, and random police checks. This was after his medical experts went online to state that the data - which he had seen - showed that playgrounds were a very minor source of cases. And also was after several police jurisdictions stated there was no way they would get involved in making 'random' stops of people. Ford seems to forget the issues of carding and the resultant racial profiling.  

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A significant event

ImageThis time last week I was flat on my back in a hospital bed, wired and tubed, not a well person at all. 

But first some background. What with COVID restrictions and a new smaller apartment in a highrise, I'd been getting less exercise and drinking less fluids. Two weeks ago I'd felt maybe the beginning of a UTI - never had one so not sure. If anything, the pain meant I tended to drink less fluid. Yes, a bad idea, in hindsight. On a Tuesday night, I had uncontrollable shivering after supper so figured I was just chilled and huddled under lots of blankets until it went away. This likely was a seizure from low electrolytes. The next day was so-so, but I assumed that had been a one-time thing. That night, more shakes after supper, so back under the covers.

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Dealing with sadness

121353845_10157648314158479_5768679465473207371_nI'm passing this on, as it might encourage people that it's ok to get help to deal with things. I found it on The Facebook, but not everyone has access to that.

Many people have difficulty dealing effectively with sadness in their life, more so in these stressful times. And left as-is for too long, it can drag one into depths that bring things to a stop. Yes, you can feel sad. Yes, you can - and should - seek help.

Most people do have friends and family and therapists and ministers available, but if they are not being open with those resources, or themselves, little progress can be made. Maybe this has been a lifelong pattern with them too. Maybe they see it as a 'competition', as Piglet suggests. Maybe it's a reluctance to face themselves, maybe it's pride, maybe they like the attention it brings - I don't know. Hopefully, this will give them a new perspective.

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