Guitar face

OK - I thought playing in an air band was a narrow niche, but now you can perfect your guitar face - that tortured look a guitarist gets trying to hit that perfect note. MagRack even has a contest for you - send in your best pose and win a guitar.
I also thought having an air band contest was fairly straightforward -apparantly it needs a LOT of organization.

Go ahead and download that song

We've all heard the simplistic correlation between downloading (as in illegally) music from the Internet and the potential demise of the record (CD) industry. So nice to see an article discussing other factors, and suggesting maybe it's partially the fault of the industry itself, and their marketing decisions. A number of artists are now choosing to release a few tracks free on the net, or the whole album, the rational being that the increased exposure is worth it. The group Super Smart in Germany has taken it a step futher and releasesd only as those polymorphic tones you downoad for cell phone rings - at so much a pop of course.