It's the end of the world as we know it.

Okay, maybe the R.E.M tune isn't called for yet, but we're getting there bit by bit. Sort like the story of the frog in the pot of water, that doesn't notice the temperature gradually rising until it's too late. 

I watched the SOTU last night - AKA the State of the Union. It was a fantastic extravaganza, a reality TV show hosted by a master showman, a campaign rally targeting his base and anyone else with a preference for bumper sticker style politics. I was expecting at one point all the Republicans would be told to bend over and look under their seats for a prize. Unfortunately, they'd only see their own asses, which is where all too many of them have inserted their heads. I did appreciate that Nancy Pelosi followed up his theatrical bombast with a small gesture of her own - she tore up his speech. 

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The Next Day's Thoughts

[Edit - oops - this was to be a Friday post, but I forgot it was here. More trouble than just sending all that FB stuff on, but I do get to ramble more.]

I suppose if this becomes a more regular occurrence I'll need a plan for titling these. A better plan. 

The Facebook is like a river of stuff flowing past you, unless you have only 3-4 friends you follow. I have a lot, through my various interests, so the river is full. Some people throw their own interesting stuff into the river, but most people just recycle stuff they take out. Sometimes it's interesting to me, but it duplicates into multiple versions, so clogs things. And the river keeps on flowing past, so if you look away for a few minutes? Well, who knows what gem you might miss!  And The Facebook decides which stuff to show you too, based not only on who sent it, but the marketing potential. That's how they keep you hooked into it, that's why you see people checking it constantly all day, eyes glued to a phone screen, ears tuned to hear that notification chime. 

But, on to some stuff:

  • As mentioned, I've a Smartwatch and apps to try to help manage my sleep. I've dropped the drug alcohol, but I'm trying 5mg capsules from the Superette. It seems to lower my overall sleep restlessness just enough to stay asleep for more of the night. A short term solution, I'm assuming, but I do feel better during the day. I'm in bed by midnight, awake at around 8:30 (my app sets a "smart alarm", depending on my sleep cycle). Being retired, I do have the freedom to stay up until 2 am if I like, and I do enjoy the peace and quiet then. But then I'm in bed until 10 or 11, and miss part of the day. Maybe not an issue in winter, when it's gloomy and grey, but spring is coming. And my girlfriend arrives soon for another visit - a week/month. She needs at least 12 hours in bed, due to a TBI years ago, so my 12 to 8:30 gives us a common starting point. I just need to find morning things for me, or leave a note if I go out for the day. 
  • Yet another excellent post last night from Heather Cox Richardson, a US historian that  is focusing on democracy in her country - or the lack of it. Specifically the current impeachment process, and the antics of Trump's fervent supporters, but she's also focused on/worried about the upcoming elections. She describes a shift in Republican strategy. rather than continue to try to refute the overwhelming evidence against their Supreme Leader., they now agree he did those things, so no need for more witnesses. However, that doesn't make him guilty, as they have decided what he did is not something a sitting President can be guilty of. Their tack is that Trump’s actions were okay, because they are in the public interest because Trump believes that his reelection is what’s best for the country. Mind boggling. And of course let to speculation as to how far they would let him go to hold onto the powers he bestows on them. 

Today's thoughts

I'm getting tired of The Facebook. Yes, it is a good way to stay connected with people and discover interesting things.  And share them. However, the vast majority of people don't give you back more than a like or a handful of emojis. And of course, none of your data is safe, all your info, as well as anything you post, is sifted through and sold. Or lost in yet another data breach. Not that a personal blog is private of course. Today I won't bother posting there, I'll just keep my own list here of "stuff", including a bit of a catch up on me. 

(Edit - I may do more of these, so subscribe if you want. And feel free to comment or email me.)

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ROW80-4 - 01/12/2019 - Not goodbye, but au revoir.

I think this will be my Round 4 wrap-up. I've been running out of steam, off and on, this year, and now have little more than a small puddle of enthusiasm. I still enjoy writing, and sharing it, but need to figure out some new ways to express myself and get motivated and gather feedback and improve.

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