Today's thoughts

I'm getting tired of The Facebook. Yes, it is a good way to stay connected with people and discover interesting things.  And share them. However, the vast majority of people don't give you back more than a like or a handful of emojis. And of course, none of your data is safe, all your info, as well as anything you post, is sifted through and sold. Or lost in yet another data breach. Not that a personal blog is private of course. Today I won't bother posting there, I'll just keep my own list here of "stuff", including a bit of a catch up on me. 

(Edit - I may do more of these, so subscribe if you want. And feel free to comment or email me.)

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ROW80-4 - 01/12/2019 - Not goodbye, but au revoir.

I think this will be my Round 4 wrap-up. I've been running out of steam, off and on, this year, and now have little more than a small puddle of enthusiasm. I still enjoy writing, and sharing it, but need to figure out some new ways to express myself and get motivated and gather feedback and improve.

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ROW80-4 30/10/2019 Winter is Coming

We had a nice day yesterday - maybe the last until spring. It was 20C in the sun. We trimmed the perennials and raked up the leaves in the garden - ready for snow now. Not that there is any in the forecast for here, but it will come within a week or so. Along with freezing rain. We have a new LRT system that manages to break down almost every day, in good weather. Commuters will not be happy. Me? I work from home and can walk pretty well anywhere I need to be.

Oh,and we had an election.

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