ASQ Section 0407 Ottawa Valley November Newsletter

One of my "things" is I'm a newsletter editor for our local section of the American Society for Quality. The following is a copy of the monthly email notification I send out - I'm posting here in case any of my readers are interested. We have about 350 local members, 2/3 of whom have opted-in for email, and a list of over 200 non-members.

News and Events                                                                 October 24, 2005

The November  issue of our newsletter is now available at, as a PDF file.
Included in this issue is:
* Our Corel Centre tour on November 9
* Report from the recent ASQ Member Value Summit
* Two articles on Quality issues – one on the federal gov’t and quality management, another on the importance of proper Requirements in the development cycle
* Information on other quality related events in the area
* Ongoing and upcoming certification refresher courses

If you would like to send in any comments via a Letter to the Editor, or have a quality question, or even a brief article, please contact the editor Mike Young at [email protected] . Submission guidelines are at the end of this month’s  newsletter.

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