Be it resolved ...

I was going to write about resolutions again this year, but after looking at last year's post- I'm pretty well happy with what I said.

I noticed I didn't commit to any big changes a year ago, so don't have any big regrets to deal with. And that's what this whole resolutions thing seems to me to be - looking back at the year and rather than celebrating our strengths, poking around until we finding a failing or two that we can tackle. Not that I'm against "improving", but I wonder if it's our Christian background that needs to remind us of our failures and sins.

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Lost, but not forgotten

Yes - I'm still here. 

I decided to draft up another novel this November, a sequel to last year's, as part of NaNoWriMo. Which meant that some of the months leading up to November was spent editing the first one enough to be able to continue on from it. More on that another day.

I signed up for another term of Ottawa's New Horizon's Band too - only at the Intermediate level this time. Advanced and/or Jazz were both a lot of fun last year, but took more practice time than I had to devote to do a proper job. This is a little easier, still the social aspect - juice and cookies at half time, and sometimes the pub after.

Speaking of pubs, many a warm afternoon was spent on the patio at my "local", Daniel O'Connell's. Lots of live music there, and also a good place to write. Or take photos. Or collect character studies, the place is full of "characters", one of which is me I think. All great people though, always feel welcome, my beer practically handed to me as I walk in. In a not-offending-the-AGCO kind of way.

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Sparkly things - musings in the sun

The following was written for a newsletter for one my groups, I'm reposting it here. 


“Are you keeping busy?”

I get this question often when people find out that I'm retired. For some it's a concern that I'm not bored and depressed and about to go postal, but for others that's how they define themselves and their work, as being busy. As opposed to being idle and non-productive I suppose.

I was busy enjoying my new “hood” the other day: had taken a few urban life photos, picked up a library book, enjoyed a BBQ sausage from a local chip wagon, made some notes for my novel, met with a musician to discuss a newsletter, and stopped by the sunny patio of my local pub to quench my thirst. So far it had been a typical unstructured yet busy day. As I sat there in the sun watching the world go by, sipping a Keith's, I mused on the myth - or fear - some believe in of empty retirement days. I find I often "do" more different things in a day than when I was gainfully employed, but is it work?

One could define work as “To exert oneself physically or mentally in order to do, make, or accomplish something”. From that you'd think even I - sitting in the sun, enjoying life and wondering if my pension checks came in yet - was working. But the assumption for many seems to be that it has to be a formal productive job, something that pays a wage. They don't understand the concept of retirement – yet.

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