At a Bit of a Loss

PXL_20211024_213313318 (1) With my PC in for an upgrade, I realize how many times I popon in during a day to check something - in spite of my trying to ignore The Facebook. It's a habit, and not necessarily a bad one. Perhaps a way to cope with the isolation of almost 2 years of a forced social isolation. We do what we have to do, we don't set the bar too high for "accomplishments", right? I still take a few moments each evening to reflect on the things I did during the day, and not necessarily looking for planned events from a to-do list - or a lack of them. I also plan something positive for the next day, to look forward to when I wake up.

I do find myself at a bit of a loss though, on what to do, other than some chores. I have more time lately to read  (Oscar Wilde again)  or watch videos on my laptop (Forbrydelsen) or just wander the neighbourhood. It's an eclectic mix of old and new, including this statue of somebody's mother. 

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Old and New

PXL_20211024_213551054 I went for a walk this evening, in my 'hood - it's still a nice a mix of old and new. As am I, I suppose - old body parts but always trying for new thinking. Or new toys. My PC has been struggling a bit with running games and streaming, so I dropped it off for an upgrade - an AMD Ryzen 7, new motherboard, and some RAM. It will be in the shop for a few days, so no gaming. I'll survive - I certainly have a long to-do list.

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Time to upgrade

PXL_20211023_000621657 I won't be streaming for a few days, as I will be bringing my PC in for an upgrade. I need a better CPU, which means a new motherboard and new compatible RAM. And better gaming, with an improved ability to run multiple screens. The GPU is still a good one - good thing as they are terribly expensive now.

It was warmish today, so I cleaned up the last of my balcony, brought the plants inside, and bundled up the furniture in a blue tarp. I certainly notice the shorter days, lately, we're only a couple of months from the Winter Solstice.  And Christmas.

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