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I had never been, and ended up there twice last week. A group of us get together every few weeks for drinks and dinner and conversation. Some from an Utne discussion group, some from Mensa, some from Place Bell, and various links. We used to be called Wednesday's at Woody's, but we had issues with the cooking - or lack of it. Got tired of sending the wings back so they weren't pink. So - we moved just up the street to Griffins for a while. Was nicer food, service seems to vary depending which of the blond clones you get. After the renovations, menu fancier, smaller portions, higher prices, same spotty service. We won't be returning - place seems quite empty lately so maybe others have noticed. We headed across the street after dinner and found where some of the crowd has gone - Big Daddy's Crab Shack. Packed with singles - 30's to 50's - all looking to bump uglies. And the name refers to the menu, not to STD's. More beers, some great people watching - even got my ass slapped by a babe. But so did everyone else she passed - should have called her on sexual harassment I guess.

Moved on to Maxwell's across the street for dancing (and more beers). Only three of us left by then. me, Doug, and Lynne.We decided to finish the evening at The Lookout in the Market - because it's an interesting place. It's on the second floor, balcony overlooking the antics on the street, loud dance music, and the floor filled with dancers. Mostly guys - it's a gay bar. Fine by me - some of my best friends are Mensan's.

A friend asked why we went - if it meant anything about us -nope, not to me. I'm OK with myself, going in "those places" doesn't reflect on me - I enjoy the great music and exuberance. And don't have to talk hockey (or the lack of it) to the guy next to me at the bar.  Bunch of us used to go to Frankie's (on Frank St) years ago late in the evening - because it had a free pool table that was always empty and a friendly comfortable bar. I rarely get hit on -probably less than a woman in a straight bar. Was even safe at Mr. Leather Ottawa competitions - although I did bring a girlfriend for insurance. That was a fantastic party - most of the audience dressed for the night (or undressed), competition events were inventive and exciting, dance after was fantastic. Loud trance music, flashing lights, fog - and of course the dancers. We ended up in a threesome (dancing) with a huge bearded Scotsman -naked above the waist except for nipple rings. Wearing a kilt and boots. And under the kilt? Nothing except a ring! He had so much fun flirting with my lady friend he decided he must be a closet lesbian.

But I digress ( a lot!) second Lookout was Saturday - went to Festival Lumiere first with a friend to experiment with evening pictures. Some good shots of lanterns, and  aerial dancers. And on to Lookout, as my friend knew someone doing performance art thing there. Which turned out to be a very tall skinny guy, dressed in a filmy green dress and wig, with make-up and a five o'clock shadow. Not very impressive next to the two cabaret stars of the evening, Ditzy and Titsy. Now THEY were a performance.

We noticed a lot of girls on the dance floor, 4-5 young girls, all dancing together, loving the music, in all likelihood straight and there because they won't worry about guys hitting on them. The young studs are all to scared of their own sexuality being questioned if they go in there.

A friend (female) confided to me that she wished she could find a gay guy friend here - hugs and friendship without any strings. I heard a bit on the radio the other day about a woman in Toronto that had no friends that liked to hug and cuddle (dump the friends?) so had gone last year to New York to a snuggle/cuddle party. Where, basically, you wear comfy clothes and hug and snuggle for the evening with a room of strangers. No sex, no groping, just snuggles. Apparently they're in Toronto now - not sure if Ottawa is ready for it yet.


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Would that Ottawa could just cuddle.

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