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Lost, but not forgotten

Yes - I'm still here. 

I decided to draft up another novel this November, a sequel to last year's, as part of NaNoWriMo. Which meant that some of the months leading up to November was spent editing the first one enough to be able to continue on from it. More on that another day.

I signed up for another term of Ottawa's New Horizon's Band too - only at the Intermediate level this time. Advanced and/or Jazz were both a lot of fun last year, but took more practice time than I had to devote to do a proper job. This is a little easier, still the social aspect - juice and cookies at half time, and sometimes the pub after.

Speaking of pubs, many a warm afternoon was spent on the patio at my "local", Daniel O'Connell's. Lots of live music there, and also a good place to write. Or take photos. Or collect character studies, the place is full of "characters", one of which is me I think. All great people though, always feel welcome, my beer practically handed to me as I walk in. In a not-offending-the-AGCO kind of way.

Very little graffiti mural work lately - either as a photographer or a volunteer - out of the loop on that. Maybe next year will get into it again. Have visited the Tech Wall a few times, just to document things, still need to upload most of them to Flickr.

Did some photo work too for the Ottawa Folk Festival. It's at a new site this year, Hog's Back Park. Different from Brittania, but good. I managed to hit on some good acts too.

The Scifi/fantasy book club is still going on - once a month. It's a very small group, but we've covered a wide range and have fun. Lots of general talk too, once we deal with the book, we go on to talk on politics, music, entertainment, singles groups - list goes on.

Did some singing too, my daughter talked me into joining her, her husband, and about 700 others at Dominion-Chalmers Church downtown to sing Handel's Messiah. There was a small orchestra, and soloists - we were the chorus, with about a dozen "verses" to us. We had three practices in the weeks before, but this was all new to me, first time through. My years at St. Michael's Cathedral Choir School in Toronto paid off - at least I could sight read. Voice is OK, range not enough though. Middle c was my limit, I can drop two octaves below that but lots of noted were too high, E's and F's. Had enough good singers around me that I did OK - will definitely repeat next year.

Buying a car too - old one fading and have some cash. Getting a 2008 Mazda 3 GT - complete with heated leather seats and sunroof - Zoom Zoom.

So - that's the past high-lights. Details to follow on NaNoWriMo. Speaking of which, better get back to my iPad and write, I finished NaNoWriMo but not the book. I still have the climax and resolution to go, which means several more scenes and another 10k or so. And clean apartment and get ready for early Christmas with kids on 17th. And taxes. And read a stack of library books. And get a newer car. And watch blog stats spike again - a 2005 Moose Milk Recipe post. Who knew?


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