ROW80 - round 2 -five more sleeps
Reading for creativity - a non-fiction book list

Choose your own setting - Lunar Brothel

This week's flash fiction from Terrible Minds was to choose a setting from  this list of five:

  • Lunar Brothel
  • Abandoned Amusement Park
  • The Bottom of the Ocean
  • Penthouse Apartment during the Apocalypse
  • Fairy Tale Forest

As usual, I let the idea sit in the back of my head for a few days, and suddenly the story popped up, complete with a twist. I decided to do as first person - had some struggles with tenses but here it is ...

Lunar Brothel

 The sex had been great. Fantastic - better than I could have imagined. Cherie was new to Babette's, and I hoped to hell she stayed. Long legs, beautiful smile, great butt, thick red hair, and agile as a gymnast, even in the lunar gravity She knew my every need, and loved everything I tried - I felt like a super stud. But after an hour with her I'd been exhausted, so had reluctantly headed back downstairs for a break.

Babette smiled. "Was she all I promised?"

"And more," I said. "I just need to rest for a bit."

"Here, drink this," she said. "It'll perk you up."

I sipped the cool drink - tart and refreshing - and looked around the room. It was a classic Victorian bordello style again, with heavy curtains, overstuffed furniture, flickering gas lights, musky perfumes, and the faint sounds of a chamber music quartet. And of course the girls all dressed in my favorite - bustiere, garters, and silk stockings. There were a few other gentlemen there, but none were familiar to me. Just as well, I'd bumped into my boss once in a strip bar back on Earth - now that had been embarrassing. One of the women across the room looked familiar, tall, brunette, maybe from last week. She eyed me over the rim of her champagne glass and winked.

"Kim likes you," said Babette. "Feeling perky enough yet?"

I was about to answer when I noticed the sounds and colors around me were starting to fade. Damn, I'd paid for three hours in here. Well, not actually 'paid', as I'd picked the lock and faked a credit for the simulation tank. But I should have been gone long before the next day's staff came in to run the centre. I can feel a few rhythmic thumps through the fluid I floated in, like machines working nearby, but when I pull off the headphones I can hear nothing outside the tank. Not surprising, as it's well insulated. No inside lights though, and the liquid already seems cooler. It must be a power failure. Or maybe another meteor hit. The shell over each of the units is strong, but in case of a breach there are pods and suits in every area. And the system tracks everyone's ID card so the rescue team knows where to focus their efforts first. I'll be fine.

I tried the manual release. Nothing, so must be the shell breach override. Maybe someone is nearby - I yelled and banged on the door a few times, just in case. Nothing, and now I feel light headed.

As I lie here, floating, I can hear a faint hiss. Damn, the tank has an air leak.

And damn again, I'd hacked the system, so it still shows me safely back in my quarters.

No one is coming.

I started to scream. 





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Darlene Steelman

Wow - right at the end there I freaked out a little for the guy! Great Flash Fiction story..

Loved this.


Thanks Darlene - I want people to feel a little bit of that panic there. Glad I started these stories, they are good practice and good feedback. Keeps me keen on my ongoing WIP editing.

Louise Sorensen

Great idea. A setting within a setting.
I felt bad for the guy at the end.
Good sci fi. Enjoyed it!


Thx Louise - the setting sort of took over as I wrote it. In a nice way.

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