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A Terrible Lie

That was this week's Flash Fiction challenge - write about a terrible lie. 

Here's mine.


A Terrible Lie

John woke at first light, eager for the annual quest. He dressed quietly, so as to not wake his brother, who would join in after. Several years ago he had introduced Robert to the mysteries of the search, and they had hunted together for the treasure, eagerly gathering every discovery. John preferred to hunt alone now, to decipher the puzzles and ferret out each hiding place, keeping more for himself. He'd grown tired of his brother always following him around, and having to share the treasure with him. This year he'd told Robert that there was even more hidden on the roof tops, especially for those new to the game, and he could have it all. He knew Robert was afraid of heights, so it would just tease him about things he couldn't have.

John crept along the upper passageway in the dim morning light, staying to the side to avoid any creaking boards. There - behind a vase, there - under a chair, there - a cupboard door slightly open. The quest was getting easier lately, as he gained experience, and had lost its mystique last year when he discovered the truth behind it. He no longer bothered with sword or armour for this, but still honoured the quest. He caught a sudden movement in the corner of his eye, and jumped - reaching for a non-existent sword - but it was just the cat. He crept down the stairway towards the kitchen - always a rich source of treasures. He could hear movement upstairs, Robert was out on the prowl too.

He entered the kitchen. and saw a figure sitting in the shadows.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hi John, sorry, I woke up early so came down to wait for you and your brother. Where is Robert? Did you leave any eggs for him?"

There was a sharp cry outside, then a thump on the front walkway.




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Louise Sorensen

Ouch! These things do happen, often with tragic consequences.
Good story. Amazing you were able to get so much across with so few words.


Thanks - was concerned it was too short, needing more dialogue and description. But wrote it quickly on my iPad at a friends while she plied me with wine and cooked some stir-fry - bit of pressure!

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