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Who Do You Love

This week's prompt from Flash Fiction Friday was about love.

F3 - Cycle 87 - Who Do You Love

He was Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, 1st Lt. Fletcher Christian in Mutiny on the Bounty, and Maj. Lloyd ‘Ace’ Gruver, USAF in Sayonara. Marlon Brando played countless other roles, but all it took was watching him in one for him to become the object of my first crush. That role, of course, was how he’s pictured here as Johnny Strabler in The Wild One.

 Intense, brooding and so exciting to this kid. We don’t need to go into exactly how old I was at the time. Let’s just leave it at ‘kid’. Anyway, years later, I found out about the dark sides of the object of my affection. Difficult to work with, arrogant, unfaithful, just to name a few, but did that diminish the power of my first crush? Absolutely not.

This is where I want you to go with this week’s story. Let’s make it about a first crush. One of your characters develops a crush on another of your characters–doesn’t necessarily have to be a celebrity. It can be anyone of any gender. Then, I’d like you to have your character reveal their feelings, and here’s where I’m leaving it wide open.

How is your story going to end? Will the outcome be a Spring wedding on the shores of a Honolulu beach? Or will the outcome possibly be the anguish of your character’s family member or friend being forced to file a missing person’s report with the local police?

 Let’s explore all the how’s and why’s, joy and uncertainty of that first crush, and then follow to find out what happens when the secret admirer ceases to be a secret.

 Prompt: Write a story about a first crush, and include the outcome when the crush has been revealed.

Genre: Any.  Word Limit: 1,500 words.  Due Date: Wednesday, July 11, 10:00 pm, EST.


Here's mine. Fairy Tale twist. And a little dark at the end - sorry - can't help it.


Who Do You Love


"I remember my first crush," said the witch. "What a rush. We were young, he was handsome, I was ugly."

"Ugly?" said the wolf. "Even then? I mean, you're sort of witch looking now, in a nice sort of way. but I didn't think you were like that way back then."

"Yes, I was," she said. "It was part of The Change, once puberty hit and my particular skill kicked in, so did the side effects. At first I looked like just another teenage girl with acne, but it soon morphed into warts, blotchy skin, crooked teeth, and scraggly hair."

"So not a prom queen? "said the wolf.

"No," she said. "But still hopelessly in love with Darius, the miller's son." She stared off into space. "Blond, blue-eyed, strong, kind, gentle yet with an edge to him, I think we all loved him."

"Was he a good friend too?" said the wolf.

"Sure, we'd been friends since we were six," she said. "Best friends. But around twelve I started to look at him differently. And him at me. Was weird."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I started having these feelings for him," she said. "When we were kids we used to run and play together, wrestle, hell, we even went skinny dipping. Then suddenly we were all shy and awkward around each other, staying apart, apologizing if we bumped into each other."

"Weren't we all like that back then?" said the wolf.

"I guess," she said. "But when my feelings changed it was a surprise to me. Before he was a best friend, and I really liked hanging out with him. Then suddenly he was all I could think about. I'd be staring at him all the time, get tongue-tied when he talked to me, and started having these weird dreams."

"Like erotic?" he said.

She slapped him. "No! I was like twelve. My mom had a talk with me about periods and stuff, but it was mostly about The Change as it affected someone's new magical abilities. Erotic was not on the menu."

"OK," he said, " I get it. You didn't jump Darius. So what did you do?"

"Nothing," she said. "At least not right away. We did that little awkward pre-teen dance together, and then, before either of us could get up the nerve to go further, I went away for the summer to magic camp."

"Did you know if he felt the same about you?" he asked.

"I think so," she said, "but we never really talked about it before I left."

"But he was all OK with his friend getting warts and stuff?" he said.

"That didn't really start until I got to camp," she said. "I think all the spell work triggered it. By the end of the summer I looked, well, like a witch."

"A big change?" he said.

"Oh yeah," she said. "Compared to only three months earlier? Pretty scary. Not that I really minded. For starters, all the other girls had changed too. And there were no guys there to worry about. And the kicker - we all had some awesome spell casting skills - me in particular."

"You did well?" he said.

"Top of the class," she said. "Even got a scholarship to witch college. And a job guarantee of an interview with The Grimms."

"But how did you face Darius, with that face?" said the wolf.

"I didn't," she said. "Used a spell. In his eyes I changed from a sort of nice looking best friend to a drop dead gorgeous beauty queen. I may have over done it."

"Let me guess," said the wolf. "You scared him away." He looked in the mirror and smoothed down an eyebrow. "Happens to me all the time, I'm just too much. I have to tone back that magical charisma the stories have given me."

"Yes, whatever," she said. "So what I did was dial back the beauty queen a bit and add an attraction charm. He calmed down and started asking me out on dates."

"And you lived happily ever after?" he said.

She looked at him, an eyebrow raised. "Is there a Darius in this room with us? No, we hung out, had fun at first, it was nice. I was still besotted, he was - interested. Then I realized he'd changed into boring, just a jock, looking to party with his buddies and flirt with all the girls he could. Even while we were dating."

"Even with you as a hot babe?" he said.

"Well, I was new at this magic stuff, so my cover up tended to come and go. Darius said it was no problem, but I overheard him joking to his buddies about my looks. Called me an easy lay, as long as the lights were off."

She gazed out the window. After 300 years it still hurt.

"Ouch. So you dumped him," he said.

She shook her head. "I was just about to," she said, "then I caught him doing more than flirting. I caught the bastard doing my best friend."

"Yeah, bastard," he said. "So you zapped him into a blotch of burnt carbon?

"No," she said. "Too easy. And after all those years it would have been weird to just not have him around at all."

"So?" he said.

She smiled. "You know that cute toad that lives down at the end of the garden?" 








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Joyce Juzwik

So terrific--an absolute gem of a tale. As always, my dear Wolf comes through with: "Happens to me all the time, I'm just too much. I have to tone back that magical charisma the stories have given me."

And our delightfully macabre character, the Witch. Poor thing fell victim to the trap of a childhood crush, when love is blind and all consuming. Darius should have realized what he had in her--I mean, he REALLY should have realized what he had in HER!

It's sad that their romance couldn't have blossomed into something permanent, but at least they'll always be close to each other--literally. Brava, Ms. Witch. Darius is right where he belongs.

This is too good not to be spread around. Is it okay with you if I post it on my Facebook wall and maybe tweet a link too? Those comments on F3 sometimes don't take. It's happened to me and it's very frustrating. You can email me or let me know here. I'll check back.

Love this one. Superb, as always.


Joyce - thanks very much for the good words and the offer to spread it further - please do!
I like the wolf, he is a bit of a cad, but in a loveable way. And the witch - she's been around. The tales just sort of happen, so on my to-do list is to look at this set of tales again, plot a bit of a direction for them, do some character arcs.

Not sure what happened on F3 - my test post went OK but not anything with a link. Oh well - story was fun anyway. Not sure if I'll bring Hansel and Gretel into the group or not - need to think of what mix I need. Maybe a prince - not as a larger than life hero, but smaller. A little meek, skittish, maybe effeminate but not gay.

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