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Many Moons

This week's prompt form Flash Fiction Friday relates to the two moons of August.

Did you know there will be two full moons this month? I’m sure that this rare celestial event could feature prominently in your stories this week. How does the blue moon figure in? I know in my family, we all become not quite ourselves during a full moon. There’s grumpiness, anxiety, irrational behavior and often then need for a Big Mac.
Why don’t we explore the idea of lunacy or being moonstruck. I can see these stories going from being crazy to being in love…but then what really is the difference between the two? I suggest that we write stories that feature the full moon and the characters that are transformed by it one way or another.
Prompt: Write a story that features a full moon and its effects on characters in the story.
Word Limit: 1,300
Genre: Open
Deadline: Wednesday, August 15th at 9:00 p.m. ET

I decided if one moon at a time can play with us, what about three? And why not a new viewpoint for an older guy - that of a young girl entering puberty. Here's my story - 709 words. 

Many Moons

“I miss grandma,” said Bree, “your grandma, I mean.”
“I miss her too,” said her mom. “But she did have a pretty long and exciting life. She was almost 50 when the ship landed, 33 as we count the years now. She worked tirelessly those first few years, overseeing the colony, and had just started to slow down when she got pregnant.”
“Tell me again,” said Bree. “Why was she so old before she was a mommy?”
“She'd never got around to it, hun. Always busy with planning the mission, then the long sleep here, and all the work once they landed.”
“Didn't she want you, mommy?”
“Oh she did, once she got pregnant. I was a big surprise to her, that was all. Most of the women wanted babies, but after several years, with everyone trying to get pregnant and no one succeeding, they started to get worried.”
“We don't have to try all the time, do we,” said Bree.
“No, it's different now,” said her mom. “Remember the talk we had about eggs and babies?”
Bree nodded. “You used to have eggs all the time and now we don't.”
“That's right,” said her mom. “We'd been here for five years when the Changes came, and we suddenly all got pregnant.”
“Even your grandma,” said Bree.
“Yes, even my grandma. We were worried at first that the colony would have problems with all those babies all at once. We set up a big day care centre for them all, and it was actually easier, because then most of the women were free to focus on the colony again. Simplified our lives..”
“And the daddies helped too.”
“Yes, we all worked together, everyone helped,” said her mom. “In fact, the daddies seemed to focus even more on helping – we had less arguments, less fighting. We got a lot of work done over the next few years.”
“And you figured out why you got babies,” said Bree.
“Yes we did,” said her mother. It was the moons, the Three Ladies. Luna, Aphrodite, and Enyo.”
“But they're always up there,” said Bree.
“Yes, we always see at least on of the ladies up there. Their paths across the sky do weave an interesting pattern.”
“Like my loom,” said Bree. “I used to worry the moons would get too close and bump into each other,” said Bree. “When I was seven, not now.”
Her mom ruffled her hair. “Lots of the other kids did too – you were all seven so had a lot of things in common. But sometimes those threads in the sky come together.”
“Like a knot?”
“Yes,” said her mother. “Every eleven years, eleven months and eleven days the Three Ladies line up for a few days.”
“And we can make babies,” said Bree.
“Yes we can.”
And the men all want to make babies too,” said Bree.
“They most certainly do.” Her mother smiled.
“Will my dad come again to see you?” said Bree.
“He might,” said her mom. “He's moved to the other village, but is here sometimes for the trading. The Three Ladies are very close to each other now, but if he's here by the weekend it will be in time.”
“He's nice,” said Bree. “Brian isn't, he's a jerk. He used to be my friend but I don't like him now, he's really been mean lately.”
“It's the Changes,” said her mom. “Brian is almost twelve, just like all your other friends. Some of us react differently, the Changes bring out some things inside us from our distant past, some not so nice things”
“Like with Brian's grandpa,” said Bree.
Her mom sighed. “We didn't know the dangers at first, all that competitiveness and agression compressed into a few days. We lost a lot of people in the fighting that first time. Brian's grandpa seemed ok, then last time he changed too much, got too wild – we had to act fast.”
The evening light was starting to fade and there was a chill to the air. Bree heard a howl, back in the woods.
“Is that a wolf?” she said. “Maybe just a dog, right?”
“I hope so dear,” said her mom. “Enough talk for now, time for your lessons. First we'll review the house defence systems and new codes, then do some weapons drill.”
“Can I use the laser this time, mom?” she said.
“Yes, you're a big girl now.”




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Flannery Jenny

I liked this conversation very much. You captured a mother-daughter chat very well with an interesting context. Are the men werewolves then? I'm thinking yes...


Mysterious pregnancies a curious howling? This one spooked me.

Once again, you've written a great story with a unique concept, and again, I had a lot of fun reading this. I almost wish you'd written more.


Thanks to all for your comments, it was a challenge to try to think like a teenage girl entering puberty - and doing weapons drill. I enjoyed this one - sort of had to stop when it did but is a concept I could take further, the social effects of only worrying about procreation, of competition over women, only every 11 years, 11 month, 11 days.

Joyce Juzwik

I agree, such a fascinating mother-daughter chit-chat. But their plans for later? Weapons drill? Check the home defense system? Use the laser because she's a big girl now? Who are these people?

This is wild and I love it. I guess every family has their own way of presenting the birds and the bees thing...

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