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This week's challenge from Terrible Minds was to write a story incorporating four random words. His challenge: 

I dig the random word challenges.

It’s interesting to see what bizarre alchemical narrative computations take the simple lead of these words and change them not only into gold but, rather, a bevy of precious metals.

And so, that’s what’s popping its head up at the hole this week.

I’ve got eight words. I want you to pick four.

These four must be represented in the fiction you write.

The words? Cape, Joke, Senator, Hamburger, Laser, Gloves, Funeral, Motel

(If you care to know where I get my random words: this random word generator!)

You have, as always, one week (Friday, August 31st, by noon EST) to write up to 1000 words. 

I decided the cape would fit nicely on one of my regular characters, and before I knew it had my story. I think I was inspired by the episodes of True Blood I've been watching. This did come together pretty fast - a good thing, as I slept in this morning. Got 600 words in, though. If you like this, here's a link to all my stories with these guys. 


Romulus swirled his black cape. "I like this, I might keep it after." He tugged on a pair of white gloves.

"It does look nice on you," said Red. "You make a good vampire. How are the teeth fitting?" 

"I'm used to them from when I'm a wolf, so no big deal." he said. "I must say you're looking especially delicious in your outfit."

Red adjusted her stocking seam. "Sort of a trailer trash look. Big change from skipping through the woods but we need the work."

She pulled her bodice up and tried to pull her skirt hem down. "I think this is way too short. What am I supposed to be again?"

"A skirt can never be too short," he said. "You're supposedly my girlfriend. And an occasional snack. My food, companion, and pet. A snack pack, a concubine, a thrall, a blood mate. A blood whore, a gore girl, a subjugate ..."

"Stop," she said. "Subjugate, as in jugular? I like that one. OK, now, door number one or door number two?"

They were in a large funeral home, filled with other mourners, most of whom seemed to not mind the way she and Romulus were dressed. Dark brooding vampires and slutty sidekicks seemed to be the norm in here. She had thought vampires were either un-dead and walking, or dust, but apparently some took a while to revive. In the meantime, their friends and relatives liked to play at funerals, leaving the 'soon to be alive again' on display - and vulnerable. She and Wolf had been picked because of the mental power they'd developed while doing various Grimm stories, a way to really become the characters, and to add believability into people's minds. Hopefully the vampires would be fooled, and would not be able to control them like normal humans. Hopefully their other powers would also enable them to escape. That was the theory.

 She slapped at his hand. "Watch it buddy!"

He smiled, "Just adjusting your costume. We need to stay in character. Maybe a little snack?"

"Maybe one with a kick to it?" she said. "I do have my Taser tucked in here somewhere. Now focus on the job."

There were a few normal funerals here too, but she saw what must the entrance to the Senator's, as it was framed with masses of sickly sweet lilies.

She nodded toward the doorway. "How tacky. I'm betting that's our target. Now all we have to do is sneak in, stake the Senator, and disappear."

"Not that big a crowd," said Romulus. "Not that famous, or infamous, as I would have thought."

"Still has some enemies," she said. "Enemies that don't want him to keep showing up in the Senate chamber every time they kill him."

"Good news for us," he said, "as they are paying quite well." He extended his arm to Red. "Shall we get to work, my dear?"

They walked down the aisle and smiled at the crowd - a mixed group of humans and vampires. 

"Friends of the family?" asked one of the ushers. 

Red had noticed a beautiful young blond by the coffin, and so had Romulus.

"Big fans of his work," said Romulus. "I'll just go and console the grieving grand-daughter."

"That's his widow," said the usher. 

Red paused. "His widow?" She looked around the room. "This is the Senator's funeral, isn't it?" she said.

"Yes ma'am. Please, do go ahead, there are more coming in."

She pulled at the Wolf's arm and muttered under her breath. "Come on, keep moving, people will get suspicious. You distract the mourners at the coffin and I'll stake the Senator. Try not to grope the widow, we don't need a scene."

It almost went exactly as planned. Romulus charmed the widow and other mourners, while Red leaned over the coffin, slipped a wooden stake from her cleavage, stabbed it into the Senator's heart, and stepped back from the expected cloud of dust. 

"Shit," she said. No dust. Same dead Senator, but now with a piece of wood sticking out of his chest. There was a gasp from the mourners.

She grabbed at Romulus. "Wrong guy, run!"

They finally stopped, blocks away, to catch their breath.

"Sorry," said Red. "I was sure it was that room. They'll be on alert now, so we'll lose the contract."

"Not a complete loss," he said. "I did get the widow's phone number."





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Hah! Fun stuff. I'm curious about the storyworld now... Thanks for sharing!


Too funny! By the way, I love your photos too. I am hoping that sometime soon I will be able to buy a camera, and start posting some fun photos onto my blog. It just feels so creative and right, you know?

I love Chuck's TerribleMind Flash Fiction contests, they are a blast, hope to see you on the board


Thanks Jon - this one has possibilities for more.


Thanks Marla. Good luck with the photography - is easier than ever to get into it.

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