Oven baked dry rub ribs

Here's a good recipe to make while you're spending the afternoon writing. I got it from this web site, but simplified it so that I could print out on one page.

Step 1 -What you'll need:

  • a rack of ribs (I used the "baby back" variety)

  • a baking sheet

  • cooling racks or other wire racks to keep the meat above the baking sheet

  • spices for dry rub (recipe on next step!)

  • oven set to 300 F

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Chuck's Chuck Chili

Chuck Wendig posted a chili recipe on his excellent site a few weeks ago. The meat used was a pot roast, such as chuck, along with the regular chili fixin's. He'd left most quantities as 'to taste', and added a lot of entertaining back story and asides. Do read his version. I tried it, and made some notes, so will present below my first draft. Further editing to be done whenever I cook this again. This first version was yummy.

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