ROW80-2 -05/19 -Two-four Time

It's a long weekend here in Canada, for the May 24th holiday, Victoria Day. The weekend is the one on or before the 24th, so it's a little early this year.  Some of us call it the 2-4 weekend, both for the date and the practice of buying a case of 24 beer for the cottage get-together. Out west, where they didn't have cases of 24, it is just called May-Long. Like a place in Cambodia. Complete with the distant sound of fireworks tonight. Like a warzone.  

Still off and on vertigo this week, but I had another good physio session, and have also made an eye appointment to address some fuzzy/double vision issues. And it's getting warmer out, so more strolling the hood and lounging at a sidewalk cafe with coffee and a book. And making an appointment to get snow-tires off. In the meantime, I have tried to keep at writerly tasks.

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ROW80-2 -12/05 -Prorastinate, Panic, Produce

That's often my process, especially for my weekly Flash Fiction stories, due every Friday. I do get them done, but should probably add to the list Promise - that next time I'll get at it sooner.  Or not.  This week I had an outline Friday Morning and a few hours later was lucky enough to have a story.  Doesn't always work that well.

And Ientered acontest.

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ROW80-2 -05/05 -Getting Old(er)

I find I collect a few new aches and pains and physical limitations every year. My sister often says it's because I'm getting old - true, but I prefer it to be a process of getting older, day by day, since I was born. I'm still doing pretty good

Not so much my garden bench. It's one of those fake teakwoods, maybe Shorea? I bought it maybe 10 years ago, and enjoyed it at my house. When I sold the house, I gave the bench - in pieces - to a friend. I have it back now, but it spent 7 or so years in storage, so is really dried out, with a number of cracks. It was a beauty day out there, so I put on shorts, did some gardening, then tackled the bench. I oiled the hell out of it, but the seat fell apart during assembly. Several times. A dozen slats to fit back in each time.  I'll try again tomorrow, when I'm calmer ;-) 

Writerly things have gone okay the past few days - status below.

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ROW80-2 -05/01 -Life stuff

I'm having one of those 'life gets in the way' sessions I think. Not as much writerly stuff done as I'd hoped. But I know it will pass. I came back a week ago from visiting my girlfriend in Toronto, and haven't done a lot since it seems. My visit was pretty laid back, as she had some health issues that slowed her down even more than usual. She's somewhat better now, but now I think I'm coming down with something - that sort of achy feeling, stuffy head occasionally, lack of 'oomph'. Sort of like a minor hangover. I even had BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) for a few nights, when I'd roll over. Can be a loose crystal in the ear canal, or maybe a virus.  Fine now, I suspect the latter. I'm getting sleep, exercise, and eating well - on the average. Day to day I'm pretty erratic. Probably doesn't help. 

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