ROW80-1 -20/03 -Wandering into Spring

I haven't checked in a regularly as I'd planned this ROW. I think I tend to over-edit before I even start a post and plan so much for it that I give up. Short and sweet works too. I almost checked in March 11 - found my notes for it - but here I am to at least close of this session. Looking back, I did get more writing done - a Flash Fiction every week - so that's a good thing. This ROW also included some family things, visits with my girlfriend, a new 'local' to check out, snowshoeing and reading. I'm off to Toronto for a week, so will think about the next ROW80 on the train trip.

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ROW80-1 -03/03 -Is it Spring Yet?

We've had several bouts of above freezing days, with some sun, some rain. And even more below freezing days, with  sun and non-rain, that white stuff that you have to shovel. So, although I got out occasionally to snowshoe, or stroll around my hood, I've tended to stay in. So a bit more writing done, a lot more reading and gaming. As I listen to some tunes. I discovered how to 'cast from my smartphone to my Google Home, so I have a favourite DJ's tracks playing from Soundcloud.

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