ROW80-4 - 01/12/2019 - Not goodbye, but au revoir.

I think this will be my Round 4 wrap-up. I've been running out of steam, off and on, this year, and now have little more than a small puddle of enthusiasm. I still enjoy writing, and sharing it, but need to figure out some new ways to express myself and get motivated and gather feedback and improve.

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ROW80-4 30/10/2019 Winter is Coming

We had a nice day yesterday - maybe the last until spring. It was 20C in the sun. We trimmed the perennials and raked up the leaves in the garden - ready for snow now. Not that there is any in the forecast for here, but it will come within a week or so. Along with freezing rain. We have a new LRT system that manages to break down almost every day, in good weather. Commuters will not be happy. Me? I work from home and can walk pretty well anywhere I need to be.

Oh,and we had an election.

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ROW80-4 16/10/2016 Distracted by Politics

Well, the last while, when not doing techie stuff, I've been following the election. Not the US 4 year long process, the Canadian 40 day campaign. The two front runners - the incumbent Liberal and challenging Conservative - started off at agout 34% each and have stayed neck in neck most of the campaign. We've had scandals and slip-ups, several leader's debates, and promises and accusations. Not a lot of difference between the two, so nobody seems that excited about the choice. Meaning one of the two will form a minority government, with less that the majority of overall seats.

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