ROW80-3 03/07/19 Babysitting?

My grandson is here days this week, but as he's 11 I suppose it's not really babysitting. It's more like hanging out.  We're doing a bit of gardening together, which he discovered he likes, and he's also streaming on my Twitch link for a bit every afternoon. He's big on video games, of course. 

As far as writerly things, I sort of kept going on writing end editing since the last Round ended. I did yet another Flash Fiction, gave away copies, and did some editing. Here's my update, with italics for updates:


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ROW80-2 - 06/16 -Ready for the next Round

I know this one is not quite finished, but I have a new focus ready. I have five draft novels - all from NaNoWriMo - waiting to be finished. And then sent out for an agent or publisher. Fame and fortune to follow. My dilemma was choosing which one to focus on, but some friends helped me with that. We've picked the most interesting/marketable one,The Ghost in the Machine. The plan is that when I'm not bust writing Flash Fiction or marketing my existing works, I polish that work. It's been a few years, and I may have the wrong protagonist, so I will start into it with a high level view.

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ROW80-2 - 06/09 -New Goals?

My former publisher just got his own book optioned for a TV series. I've always though my first two would fit well into TV - episodic, Canadian, small town, cops, First Nations, evil spirits, drugs, bikers, murder. And romance. But without an agent, it's hard to do. I've been advised to seek out film producers via friends to try to sneak in that way - might work.  In the meantime, I've been checking out friends for contacts, as well as feelers out to places like CBC TV. But most require an agent.

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