Quiet Puppy

I did this a few weeks ago in response to a ROW80 blog prompt83105812a296ef40219f6a64750c5e0cd8ea72db

The challenge - Today let’s play with some poetry.  Free verse, sonnets, haikus…  the form doesn’t matter, but you will need to add in a sense of stillness (without using the words “stillness” or “still”), and a playful puppy.


My haiku:

My hyper puppy.

Collapsed in sleep in my lap.

Not even a twitch. 

The end

My writing group, ROW80, posted a challenge a while ago to do a 100 word story. These are fun 20151023_163548to write, as little fragments of description or dialogue. Maybe something you'd open a novel with, or slip in between two chapters, or just leave as is. 

The challenge - 

This time, I’d like to draw your attention to the lovely photo that Elizabeth Mitchell posted to her blog for the First Friday Photo bloghop I’d mentioned last week here: Lapidary Prose and write a drabble (a little 100 word story) with the picture and the cycle of endings and beginnings as integral parts of the piece.

The photo seemed very peaceful to me, a nice place to rest.

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Too Many Bodies

Lightning-342341_640I haven't done one of these Flash Fiction stories in a while - mainly because I tend to edit too much now. It's harder for me to commit and just write - even if it's for a first draft to get started with. I used to fire these off in a couple of hours, but my thinking now is Flash means short and fast to read, not always fast to write it well. Especially when trying to fit it into a three act play format. This one took a while. 
The prompt was from my ROW80 group (a Round of Words in 80 Days), a few weeks ago. We had to incorporate this photo, and the words "a burnt metal box". We were limited to 700 words. 
Mine is just under 500. (Photo credit: Zajcsik at Pixabay)

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This is written for the final prompt from Flash Fiction Friday - due December 29th so I'm just a tad late. I started and abandoned several ideas, and this one is more of an outline for a novel, but what the heck. Here's the challenge - 


Let’s have some fun with our final prompt. All over our world, the holidays are celebrated in many different ways. But, what about the folks on other worlds? What holidays occur at the end of their years, and how are they celebrated? You tell us. Your ‘other world’ can be another planet or another dimension of our very own Earth realm. It’s all up to you.

Prompt: Write a story about an end-of-year holiday celebration in another world.

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 1,500 or less

Deadline: December 29, 2016


Here's my story, at just over 800 words.

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