Countdown to ... doom

Articles in today's paper talk of death, pulling the plug on the patient after weeks of life support, death throes, on the precipice of disaster.

And what is this global catastrophe? Why, the NHL talks of course. Please - do pull the plug, and everyone get on with life.

I used to be a hockey fan, way back when there were six teams,  and a lot of the players were from Northern Ontario, where I lived. I enjoyed watching it then, every Saturday night we'd catch it on CBC - and maybe switch back and forth to a Montreal game on the French channel.  Now - too many teams, many on the brink of (or sinking into) bankruptcy, a boring game with more fists than finesse, sky high salaries, and matching ticket prices.

Update -Feb 16- at 1:03 pm EDT, the commissioner announced that for 2004-2005 there will be no NHL hockey. What he didn't mention was that means no Don Cherry either. Which is a good thing.

I sort of have sympathy for the fans, as they have been paying more and more every year for less and less hockey (in my opinion), and now have a big gap in their lives. But I'm not sure what they are fans of - maybe the NHL will have a chance to think on that now. I do feel sorry for the restaurant employees and souvenir stores and cabbies that depended on this cash cow for their livelihood.

Update -Feb 17- Once again, my local paper over-reacts.