Barry's parties in 2010

I'm passing on some Ottawa singles and couples party info for 2010, it's from an email a friend - Barry Owens - sent me. He doesn't have a web site so I'll put it here so I (and others) can link to it via sites like Twitter and Facebook. Go ahead and pass it on - and while you're hear, feel free to check out one of the supporting ads on this page. 

Barry  organizes cruises, ski weekends, wine tasting tours, golf trips - all well done, emphasis on friendship and fun. He also used to put on several dances a year at a local hall, with several hundred people, DJ, bar, munchies at midnight. Packed them in, and the dance floor was always full. He also organized a monthly networking event, Mingleworks, that was well attended too. Looks like from his email he's going to restart the dances and the Mingleworks - yay! His note starts below:

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Yukon - May 11

Bus rolled into Edmonton at midnight Tuesday night for a 2 hour break. Probably a little late for the famous mall or other shopping.

To_ed     From_hat   

The rest of the trip is a solid haul stright thru to Whitehorse, arriving Thursday morning. Very early. Just enough time for to get beer supplies and then the bus to the research station.


Quite a trip - total distance about 3700 miles, almost 6000 km. Pictures to follow.


Yukon - May 6

The voyageurs landed in Winnipeg in the wee small hours of the morning - and are still there, they like Winnipeg so much. Who knew. I guess it's not so bad there when it's not winter. Can't be all bad, it does have the GRAFFITI GALLERY, with a great show from Toronto.

The wagon they were going to cross the prairies in has faded, so they're going to "plan B". Catch a ride with a friend to Regina tomorrow (about 570 km),

Border_regina       Winn_border

then bus Tuesday all the way to Whitehorse. They arrive at 4:30 am, plenty of time for the shuttle later that day to the research site.