Yukon - May 4

May 4 - heard they got to Thunder Bay, home of the Sleeping Giant.


They passed by Nipigon, where the Nothern Route joins up. An alternate route from North Bay, better for avoiding summer vacationers but a lonely route through the trees and bogs on Northern Ontario. Briefly enlivened by such towns as Beardmore and Moonbeam.

Update - they pushed on that evening and got to Winnipeg in the wee small hours of the morning.

Dryd_wpg     Tb_dryden

Update - update for Ryan - there's stuff in Nipigon and Red Rock too for all travelling the route.

Yukon bound

May 3 - My daughter headed off today with friends, all piled into a 91 Volvo station wagon, off on "Kath's Excellent Adventure". Headin' down the highway, lookin' for adventure. And eventually Whitehorse, and west to Kluane National park. A month in the woods, at a field camp that's part of the Arctic Institute of North America.

She sounded upbeat before she left, in an email to all -

Well, here we are again, with summer knocking at our door! The sun is out til eight o'clock and the sandals are creeping out of the closet and on to the streets. I hope that this summer holds many adventures for all of you, and I'd love to hear about all the crazy times. I am on my way to the Yukon in the morning, and will be back for Canada Day in Ottawa. I am driving up to Whitehorse with some friends, then I will take the ferry down the west coast from Skagway (Alaska) to Prince Rupert, then to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. I will camp my way down the Island to Victoria then hang out there for a week or so and fly out from Vancouver (I'm only crossing Canada in a car once a year, thank you).

I wish you all the best adventures this summer and let me know if you are all over the country and maybe we'll have tea in a small town somewhere!

Love, sunshine and morning dew to you all, Katherine xxo

Updates to follow.

Today's push ended up all the way from Ottawa to Wawa, even with a 2 hour break with relatives in Blind River! That's 630 mi/1014 km.

Sud_wawa     Ott_sud

Tomorrow the target is Winnipeg! Over 1100 km, but less towns.

Costa Rica on Flickr

I've been adding my pics from Costa Rica to Flickr, rather than here. Tired of waiting for changes on Typepad that are still in planning, like comments on pics. I'll keep this more as a text blog, with the occasional pic. Here's a couple of pics from the trip.

2005_03_01_8a 2004_03_02_4b

Mas cervasas

Got back Tuesday from Costa Rica - tanned and rested. 2005_03_17a_1 Definitely need more beer, to help me get over the shock of snow and cold. Could have been worse I guess, I understand there was a cold snap and several big dumps of snow while I was relaxing by the pool.

A great vacation - other than an annoying and cramped flight via Skyservice. But the location, resort, staff, food and drink, scenery - all were just fine by me. Dropped by an internet cafe occasionally, just across the "street", but access was too slow for much editing - just emails.

I have 257 some pics, to be sorted and uploaded to my Flickr page. As well as many pages of musings from a journal I kept, for blogging inspiration. All to be done eventually - I'm still on "Tico time".