Is it Friday already??

Just loving it in CR. Lots of photos and notes, for when I return. In the meantime - briefly - it's ab fab.
Hotel (Barcelo Langosta) is definitely all inclusive, including endless cervasas by the pool. Barely time to digest lunch before it's dinner time. But lots of activities too. Big clean pool, just a few steps from it to the beach and surf. Walk up the beach to town (a damn hot walk) to an Internet cafe. Tamarindo is a surfer town, mixed in with expensive condos. Lots of construction, more tourists than Ticos. People all very friendly, most speak some English and want to learn more. But appreciate my halting Spanish.
No military here since 1948, so money goes elsewhere. Like free school and healthcare. Literacy rate is 95% (Canada is 97%).
Better get back to the hotel - wouldn't want to miss a meal! ;-)

Costa Rica

"One more sleep", and we're there. Seems well rated, so I'm looking for a nice combination of vegging by the pool and day trips. Camera in hand of course, extra memory card, and will burn CD's at an internet cafe if need be. Have space for 260 photos over 14 days - in the old analogue days that would be at least 10 rolls of film, depending on how many duds you assume per roll. Can't promise to blog, will be as the spirit(s) moves me (if the internet cafe serves pina coladas).

Here's some pics already on Flickr, from others.

Travelling VIA Rail

Certainly is a leisurely way to meander to Toronto. Granted, it's almost twice the rate as coach, but VIA1 is a nice way to travel. No line-up, wait in the lounge, first car so you get there before anyone else. Sit in a comfy wide seat and read the paper, then freshen up with the hot moist towels. Sip a cocktail, choose dinner, enjoy the scenery while you sip a glass of wine. And another. Chocolates for dessert, and a digestif. And another.
Get up and stretch your legs, then relax with a book, or pull out the laptop and get some work done.
The countryside is lovely from the train, unfortunately the towns all present their backside, with blemishes and smells. Luckily there's often some great graffiti to liven it up.
Anyone tried first class with Amtrak?