Webb on the Web

Cynthia Webb had posted an interesting column, Filter, at the Washington Post since August 2002. As of February 1 she's moved on to her own site. I suggest you check it out, looks good so far. As she says,

Each weekday morning, my column will scan and review the most important, interesting technology news of the day, offering a sharp, witty view and analysis of various media outlet and blogosphere reporting.

Coverage is mostly the US, but she promises to include us up here in Canada as well as other countries.

I blog, therefore I am

A friend recently asked the question to her fans - why do you blog?

I answered her in a comment that seemed to go on and on - so will re-post here.
I had a web page for a few years, mostly to publish my graffiti photos. Other than adding pics from time to time, it was fairly static.
I read about about blogging (online of course), read a few, and liked the concept. After trying a few free ones, I settled on using Typepad.
I like to read other people's blogs as yet another way to experience the world and some of the people in it. I have an inquisitive mind and like to explore and learn. I have some regulars I check thru RSS (via Bloglines) and often wander thru links on them down various paths.
And I have a blog myself because I like to get my ideas and pictures out there, to expand the world a tiny bit for someone else. And maybe get a comment here and there, maybe even make some friends. I find that even without feedback, just collecting my thoughts on a topic and doing a bit or research is a worthwhile exercise for myself and helps me develop myself even further. I know some people show a very limited persona, or perhaps a different side of themselves on their blog, but for me it's WYSIWYG. I've even used it as a reference in singles contacts - telling someone if they want to know more about me, read what I have to say.

The challenge is trying to post regularly - but my contract is not being renewed so I may really be retired - with all the accompanying spare time.  Ha!