ROW80-1 -20/03 -Wandering into Spring

I haven't checked in a regularly as I'd planned this ROW. I think I tend to over-edit before I even start a post and plan so much for it that I give up. Short and sweet works too. I almost checked in March 11 - found my notes for it - but here I am to at least close of this session. Looking back, I did get more writing done - a Flash Fiction every week - so that's a good thing. This ROW also included some family things, visits with my girlfriend, a new 'local' to check out, snowshoeing and reading. I'm off to Toronto for a week, so will think about the next ROW80 on the train trip.

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A Lost Hour

My latest Flash Fiction Friday challenge had been to write about the change last weekend to Daylight Savings Time. What if different people changed at different times? What if that hour wasn't really lost? I blended in a bit of magic, via a leprechaun, and had fun with this. 2000 words worth, so the real challenge was to get it to just a tad over the 1000 word limit.

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Wardrobe Malfunction

CoatFor this week, the challenge from Flash Fiction Friday was to write about a coat. Your favourite coat, but that you ended up donating to the local thrift store. We had to write about how it then affected the life of the next person. So I 'gave away' my comfy winter coat.  I wanted to explore a different ending too, avoiding a cliche. Feedback always welcome of course. Maximum was 1000 words, I did about 900.

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ROW80-1 -03/03 -Is it Spring Yet?

We've had several bouts of above freezing days, with some sun, some rain. And even more below freezing days, with  sun and non-rain, that white stuff that you have to shovel. So, although I got out occasionally to snowshoe, or stroll around my hood, I've tended to stay in. So a bit more writing done, a lot more reading and gaming. As I listen to some tunes. I discovered how to 'cast from my smartphone to my Google Home, so I have a favourite DJ's tracks playing from Soundcloud.

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