Who Will Be Next?

Last weekend I entered a Flash Fiction contest, to write 1000 words in 48 hours. I used that for the FFF challenge too. We were given a genre, location, and object. My group of 15  (?) was given: Mystery, a surveillance vehicle, and a helmet. There are about 125 groups and you are judged in your group based on this and a September challenge. Playoffs in November, Finals in December. Prizes galore, and feedback from judges and your peers. Mine was 997 words.

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The Tourist

For last week's prompt, I used a contest I'd entered on the site Furious Fiction. 500 words, in 55 hours, for a $500 prize. This month the criteria were to include a train, frozen, and three consecutive three word sentences.  I sent mine in last weekend, and the results will be announced July 24. Mine was 489 words. It was initially 600 or so, then I pared it down.

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ROW80-3 07/07/2019 Peace and Quiet

Well, it's been a busy/loud week. My grandson was over in the days -not loud, but 11 yr olds o like to talk.Especially to their favourite grampa. But there were contractors off and on working on the roof. Saturday morning they started at 6:30! Last day, and they were sealing the roof with propane torches, so wanted to get it done before the sun got too hot. They were done by noon. Quiet the rest of the day and today. Well, my daughter did drop over with her two kids to pick up camping gear but that was fun.

All the same peace and quiet is nice at times. As is being alone - not lonely - just alone. Just me and the voices in my head. 

Here's my status update:

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Just Some Paper

This week's story was prompted by a randomly chosen scenario:

You've bought an old chest of drawers and discover a piece of paper stuck inside. What is written on that piece of paper?

I had the idea fairly easily, but the execution was a challenge. I had my grandson here during the days this week so got distracted. But we had fun.  Here's my story, at about 840 words.

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