An Unhappy Customer

This week's prompt came from a contest run over the weekend, by an Australian site. The initial challenge was 500 words in 55 hours for a $500 prize. We were given six pairs of adjectives to include. I added the option of 1000 words by Friday noonish, for no prize. I chose the latter, and did a detective story. My six pairs are in bold. 928 words.

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ROW80-3 04/08/2019 Getting Things Done

There's a process/book/movement around GTD. I think I need it, all though I would call it GTRTD. Getting The Right Things Done. I do a lot in the day - we all manage to be busy doing something, even if it's staring out a window. What I do need to start with is record in detail what I actually spend the day on. Might be scary.  Then find some tools to manage my time - maybe just my Evernote? 

I was in Toronto until last Wednesday night, and had lots of quiet mornings on my girlfriend's front porch. She slept. I edited/wrote/read.  Or stared into space.

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The Chase

The prompt this week was based on heat, as it's been pretty hot everywhere. Thanks to human assisted global warming - unless you are a US Republican or a Canadian Conservative. We also had to choose a random location and random thing form two lists. I initially got the same random picks as last time (because it is random) so threw the dice again, and got 'a parking garage' and 'onion rings'. I went more for mood than plot, and ended up with much less than 1000 words, only 650. But I like it.

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